The Shocked Rapist


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj


We are constantly bombarded with disgusting news about rapists, and juvenile rapists escaping punishment in India.

A news I came across recently warmed my heart. The news reported that a rapist in Manchester, UK, collapsed after discovering his victim had HIV/Aids virus.

Richard Thomas: Rapist who could have caught HIV from victim
Richard Thomas: Rapist who could have caught HIV from victim

Richard Thomas, 27, of Sandringham Drive, Leigh, in Greater Manchester, UK, pleaded guilty to raping the woman at her home on July 20 this year. Judge Mark Brown sentenced him to jail for five years and four months.

Thomas knew his victim, and was aware that she has another illness, but had not known about the HIV.

He had let himself into her home in Leigh, Greater Manchester, uninvited in the middle of the night after she had taken a sleeping pill. When she awoke to find him raping her from behind, she froze. Without exchanging any word Thomas pulled up his shorts and left. After his arrest Thomas said he had drunk heavily, taken cocaine and ecstasy and could not recall what happened.

Wen police informed him about his victim’s medical status, a shocked Thomas asked to be taken to hospital. Now, Shocked and confused, he has a nerve-wracking wait until Friday to find out the result of his HIV test and know whether he caught the deadly HIV/Aids virus from his victim.

I hope and pray that our future Indian rapists too get infected by HIV/Aids virus like this scum from UK.

One thought on “The Shocked Rapist”

  1. Are you trying to say/expect that all women should be HIV infected to ward off sexual crimes against them? I understand that your are anti- rape but is that your solution to the problem??? So (a) I should have HIV (b) I get raped….What about women- ever think of that?


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