Write for ‘Impressions’



Do you have something interesting to share with our readers? Then, be our guest.

You can write for Impressions as a guest writer even if you are a budding or seasoned writer.

Rules for submission of articles:

  • We wish to publish only unique and impressive articles written for ‘Impressions.’ The content should be your own original material – not duplicated, copied or plagiarized.
  • Your article should be between 500 and 1000 words in length.
  • Each submitted article should have at least one image relevant to the subject.
  • We do not guarantee publication of the article submitted by you. After scrutinising your article, we will let you know you whether we accept it for publication in ‘Impressions‘ or not .
  • We do not pay for accepted and published submissions. What you gain would be your exposure as a writer to our readers.
  • After your article is published in this site, you are free to publish the same elsewhere but with due recognition given to ‘Impressions” as having published it first.
  • After the acceptance for publication, we reserve the right to edit, format and modify, if necessary, and we will remove any inappropriate link before posting on this site.
  • Please do not submit articles that hurt religious beliefs of others or pornography.
  • Since comments do not necessarily reflect the views of this site, we reserve the right to edit or drop comments on your published articles.
  • We accept articles written with Microsoft Notepad or Word document format., jpg or png images, and video URLs from YouTube.

Please send your submissions to: tvaraj@gmail.com


One thought on “Write for ‘Impressions’”

  1. Dear T.V. Antony Raj, you have the same idea as me, inviting others to have their say too on a platform which would enable different ideas to be presented together at one site.
    My invitation to candidate authors is standing open already a long time, but strangely enough not many candidates offered themselves to co-operate in creating a ‘readers digest’ and a site for positive news. though I even did not restrict the authors like you have special requirements. So I wonder if you succeed in getting people willing to share thoughts on your site.
    I do not consider myself as a writer, though my pen or hand does not stand still. To have restrictions like “Your article should be between 500 and 1000 words in length.” made me not presenting to you, because I do not count the words and sometimes it could be I would not have 500 words to spend to what I want to say. I do agree at other times I could be well over 1000 words.
    Would be writers are, like you are, invited to join me at my lifestyle magazine From Guestwriters > http://fromguestwriters.wordpress.com/. It would be lovely if we could get some inspiring positive news bringers shearing up more people.
    Please be welcome to join.


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