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‘Tis Time for Deepavali … The Festival of Light …


Tis Deepavali, the Festival of Light.

Tis the time for witless people to burst crackers hoping to drive away demons from their homes.

Tis the time to deafen the neighours, family members, and oneself.

Tis that time to reminisce that I never purchased crackers for my children.

Tis not that I am stingy rather I never believed in burning my hard-earned money on crackers to drive away imaginary entities

Tis the time to don new clothes and wear precious ornaments.

Tis the time to go to places of worship and seek divine guidance.

Tis the time to spread words of joy and be happy with everyone around us.

Tis the time to give, receive, and taste homemade sweets.

Tis the time to light lamps symbolically to drive away the gloom and darkness that dwell in our heart and soul.

Tis the time to image a brighter life ahead and set goals to achieve it.

Tis time for me to “Wish you all a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Deepavali.”


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