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14-year-old Students Given “Qualified for Sex” Certificate at a Church of Sweden Confirmation Camp


Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


In the southeastern town of Rödeby in Sweden the badge and the certificate given to 14-year-old children after they attended a course on “Love and Sexuality” at a Church of Sweden confirmation camp shocked their parents. The certificate stated that the children “qualified for sex”.

Vicar Mats-Ola Nylen - 2
Vicar Mats-Ola Nylen

The enraged parents complained to Mats-Ola Nylen, the Vicar of the church about the certificate and the use of colloquial phrases in Swedish like “knullborgarmärke” that vaguely translates to “giving someone a blow job.” They also said that their 14-year-old children were not ready for sex yet because under Swedish law children do not have the right to engage in sexual activities until they are 15 years old.

The Vicar explained about the camp conducted over the weekend. “The whole camp revolves around different aspects of friendships and relationships … In the past, young people have complained that the Church does not discuss these issues … Young people who had more information were not necessarily sexually active at a younger age, but possibly at a later age,” he said.

The RFSU badge and the Rödeby Church in Sweden

He told them that a man purporting to come from the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) and wearing an RFSU shirt at the event organized the course. RFSU is the Swedish national affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Organization.

He had asked that man to allow him to sit during the session. However, the man asked him to stay away because he felt the Vicar’s presence would have an inhibiting effect on the participants.

The Vicar added that he felt betrayed by that man.

The church later found out he had not worked for RFSU in years. Although the man no longer worked for RFSU, they had hired him on several occasions with no complaints, said Pelle Ullholm, head of RFSU’s outreach programs.

Josefin Morge, a spokesperson for RFSU said the organization stopped using the sex certificate since 2007. She said they used that certificate at a campaign “not primarily meant for youths.”

The man who organized and conducted the course was not available for comment.


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“Premarital Sex Anyone?” by Nirav Karani

Nirav Karani

By Nirav Karani

It is funny how people talk about wanting to sleep with just one person in their whole life and how they want to do this sacrosanct act with that special person only. Yes, it sounds very beautiful to say and all that, but I wonder exactly how much love is there between a couple having sex on their wedding night having met about four and a half times before that (Sitting silently amongst ten family members of either side doesn’t really count, but I’m giving it a half). So if you’re pervert enough to do it on the first opportunity once you’ve been ‘certified’ by the society, why the hypocrisy? Of course, it isn’t a social obligation to fornicate once you’re married, is it? Maybe there is a no-hymen clause in one of the post marriage rituals. I don’t know.

How about a couple that have been going around for say, more than a year? Chances that they are in love, that they know each other a little better, that the act – if they do it – will be more meaningful, are at least a tad more, don’t you think?

Maybe age is a factor, you might say. College students are just naïve; they don’t have an inkling what real love is really about. My grandmother’s brother was married before his 15th birthday. Not much more than a year later, he was pacing down the hospital corridor before he got the good news and started jumping with joy, hugging everyone in sight. Ha! Quite a spectacle it is to imagine that! Of course, people used to get married that early those days and that was the norm. Now people want to study and earn and be ‘settled’ before take the vows. Unfortunately, their hormones are not quite attuned with the new arrangement.

Having said all this, I must mention that I’m not trying to glorify sex at all. Not for one moment. It’s a beautiful act, no doubt. But for all those who claim that it is our very basic instinct, I am afraid there is a wake-up call lurking somewhere. Lust is indeed one of the lower ways in which our energy manifests itself. After all, one can fuck only so many times. And let’s face it, it cannot be a source of lasting happiness.

And lest you think this is some sort of philosophical shit, believe me, I am speaking from experience. Of course, my virginity variable is firmly set to one and there are no indications that that is going to change anytime soon. Yes, poor me! (Programming does get into your head, doesn’t it? Besides, I think a part of me thinks it’s almost fashionable to exhibit geekiness. You think?) But just because I haven’t played the real match, it doesn’t mean that I don’t do net practice either. And honestly, my experiences in meditation have been much more gratifying.

Anyway, I still question the hype, and a sense of mystery, even guilt, and most of all, the hypocrisy surrounding – to quote Sheldon Cooper – ‘the messy, unsanitary act that involves loud and unnecessary appeals to the deity’.

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