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A lap around Whites Level, Afan, Wales.


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj

The majority of mountain biking falls into the recreational Cross Country (XC), and Trail Riding.  As I mentioned before in an earlier post “Can you ride off ramps?”  dated March 11, 2012, a mountain bike rider requires bike handling skills, core strength and balance, endurance, and self-reliance.

Recently I saw a 11 minutes 43 seconds video uploaded by TheTaith on Oct 3, 2011 on to YouTube. This video contains highlights from a lap around Whites Level, Afan, Wales, on a sunny September evening, riding a 2011 Lapierre Zesty. The rider had filmed the ride using a HD Hero (720p @ 50fps) on a chest mount.

I am 71 years young now. After 7 minutes of watching the rider riding off-road, over rough terrain, down hill, dirt roads, I felt vomiting due to the jerks the rider had endured doing his lap. I am not telling you not to watch the video; what I am trying to tell you is, if you are not young physically like me, be warned.


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