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News: The Re-Arrest of Bitihotra Mohanti, the Fugitive Rape Convict

Myself .

By T.V. Antony Raj


Earlier this week, the headquarters of the State Bank of Travancore (SBT) in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India, received an anonymous letter written in English stating that one of their employees named Raghav Rajan working in their Madai branch in Kannur district was in fact the fugitive rape convict Bitihotra Mohanti alias Bitti wanted by the police on a charge of raping a 26-year-old German student in Alwar in Rajasthan in 2006.

Ranji Thomas, SBT Chief Manager (Public Relations) said that they scrutinized the details in the original application form submitted by Raghav Rajan who posted as a probationary officer since June 2012 in their Madai branch in Kannur district. He had applied for the post using the name ‘Raghav Rajan’ son of ‘Rajeev Rajan of Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh’. He had named two people from Andhra Pradesh as referees. One of them was a caretaker of the building where Rajan lived, and the other declared that he had no direct contact with Rajan, and at the request of a friend had agreed to his name being used as reference. So, his office alerted the branch and advised them to contact the police. The bank approached the Kerala DGP who, in turn, referred the matter to the district police in Kannur.

Bitti Mohanti - 2
Bitihotra Mohanti arrested by the Kerala Police.

Police arrested Raghav Rajan on Friday night, March 8, in Kannur. On Saturday, a local court remanded Bitti to judicial custody until February 23, after charging him under IPC sections dealing with cheating and forgery.

A police officer said that before his arrest Bitti was planning to flee Kerala, and a scar recorded in 2006 as an identification mark by the Rajasthan jail authorities before Bitti jumped parole had been found on the arrested person. Deputy Superintendent of Police D. Sudarshan, who is investigating the case, said the arrested convict confessed that he is Bitihotra Mohanti. “We have informed the Rajasthan Police about his arrest and a team from there is expected,” Sudarshan said.

According to the police, it was the December 16 Delhi gang rape that led to Bitti’s cover being blown. In the wake of the Delhi gang rape, his photo was among the photographs of sex offenders that were repeatedly displayed by social media and TV channels. A person residing in Palayangadi in Kannur District on noticing Raghav Rajan at the bank resembled Bitti Mohanti alerted the bank. The police department feels happy for having nabbed the rape convict who had until now been absconding. However, they wonder how he had managed to give them the slip all these years while living so publicly.

On March 21, 2006, police arrested Bittihotra Mohanti son of B. B. Mohanti, former DGP of Odisha on a charge of raping a 26-year-old German student in Alwar in Rajasthan in 2006. In one of the fastest rape trials in the country, a fast-track court sentenced Bitti to seven years’ rigorous imprisonment. However, on November 20, 2006, while on a 15 day parole granted to meet his ailing mother in Cuttack, Bitti jumped parole and had absconded ever since.

While on the run, Bitti joined Chinmaya Institute of Technology in Kannur in 2007 for the two-year MBA course. He then worked for a few months as faculty member in a management institute in Kannur and at an e-learning institute in Kollam.

Dr. Falgunan, Director of Chinmaya Institute of Technology said the person they knew as Raghav Rajan was a brilliant student who scored high marks in MAT (Management Aptitude Test). He also said that he remembers Mohanti’s father who came to give a declaration at the time of admission. “I can’t say whether it was his father or not,” he said.



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She Drank Blood …

Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


A female vampire
Note: This image is for illustration only.

Coimbatore, India
February 26, 2013


The Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India admitted a 28-year-old woman for allegedly drinking blood of stray dogs and chicken which she killed herself.

According to the report filed at the Annur police station the woman the wife of a daily wage laborer from Rajasthan was mentally afflicted recently. The couple resides at Maniakarampalayam in Coimbatore and have two children: a four-year-old daughter and a four-month-old infant.

Friday last week, she tried to drown her four-month-old infant by immersing the child in a water tub at home, but fortunately neighbors saved the child and phoned her husband. A few minutes after the husband arrived, the woman tried to strangle her four-year-old daughter ranting incessantly, “I want blood! I want blood!”

The following day, she killed a stray dog that loitered near her house and drank its blood. Even then her thirst for blood was not assuaged. She sucked the blood from the carcasses of two chickens which she killed by biting off their heads one by one. On witnessing this horrendous act, her husband took her to the Annur Government Hospital. There too she kept on ranting: “I want blood! I want blood!”

The doctors at the Annur Government Hospital referred the woman to the CMCH for psychiatric treatment.

Dr. P. Sivaprakasam, resident medical officer at CMCH said they are treating her for ‘dissociation’, a mental ailment that occurs due to severe trauma over a period of time. In this woman’s case, her alcoholic husband ill-treated her. “This woman was venting her suppressed emotions,” the doctor added.

After reading the above news in the papers a neighbor asked me, “can humans drink fresh animal blood?”

I do not have an answer for this query. However, I found that the Maasai (sometimes spelled “Masai” or “Masaai”), a Nilotic ethnic group of semi-nomadic people in Kenya and northern Tanzania, and the Surma tribe residing in South Sudan and southwestern Ethiopia believe drinking fresh blood drawn from living cows makes the body stronger and warmer and good for children and the elderly to build up their strength. These tribes follow the traditional ceremonies of gathering blood from cows zealously.

The men puncture the jugular vein of the cow by shooting an arrow at close range. They collect the blood in gourd vessels and drink it neat or after diluting it with milk. They do not allow the animals to bleed but carefully tend them until the wound heals fully.

Outsiders are normally not allowed to witness these rites.

WARNING: If you have a weak heart please do not see this video as well as the videos cited under ‘RELATED VIDEOS.’