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And, They Call Themselves Muslims…


By T.V. Antony Raj


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Kuwaiti Official, Fahad Al Shalami
Kuwaiti Official, Fahad Al Shalami


Yes. They call themselves Muslims, adherents of Islam wherein religious concepts and practices that include the Five Pillars of Islam, the five basic concepts and acts of worship – the foundation of Muslim life – are obligatory!

The Five Pillars of Islam are:

Shahada: Faith
Salat: Prayer
Zakāt: Alms-giving
Sawm: Fasting
Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca

The third Pillar “Zakāt” or alms-giving is the practice of charitable giving based on accumulated wealth.

The word zakāt can be defined as purification and growth because it allows an individual to achieve balance and encourages new growth. The principle of knowing that all things belong to God is essential to purification and growth.

Zakāt is obligatory for all Muslims who are able to do so. It is the personal responsibility of each Muslim to ease the economic hardship of others and to strive towards eliminating inequality.

Zakāt consists of spending a portion of one’s wealth for the benefit of the poor or needy, like debtors or travelers.

A Muslim may also donate more as an act of voluntary charity (sadaqah), rather than to achieve additional divine reward.

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Building golden mosques but zero in humanity


The 5 million Tire Fire in Jahra, Kuwait

Um Khaloodie

Aliyah woke up- like always I lift my phone and while I’m feeding her, to keep me awake I browse twitter-
I was horrified to see that the 5 million tyres at Jahra that was so heavily in the media a few days ago are now on fire… That’s arson if ever I saw it…
Massive amounts of tyres on fire bel jahra! one tweeter writes… ‘looking to be the biggest fire/worst enviornmental effects in Kuwait since Saddam’- great four our health!
Here’s the hasgtag on twitter! #حريق_رحية


This is a huge catastrophe, one sit saying that the smoke will be visible up to 70km away by sunrise. That’s not good, not good at all….. What a huge catastrophe to the environment…. The air here is dirty enough with the oil/dust etc etc etc, now we are all at risk of a bunch of stuff.
Tires are made of rubber…

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Death threats over free speech

Today, at the Toronto Public Library on Palmerston Street, a group of Muslims are going to say “Enough is enough.” They will honour a 21st century Muslim reformer in the name of a 10th century Muslim rebel who died for speaking the truth. This will be their rebuke to the Kuwaiti parliament.

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Earlier this week, the Kuwaiti parliament voted to institute the death penalty against any Muslim who is judged by Islamic clerics to have insulted God.

As medieval as this may sound to the ears of the Western non-Muslim, the threat is real and the target is the millions of Muslims, like me, who are fed up with the clerics who have sucked the joy out of our lives for centuries.

The tradition of silencing dissident Muslims by beheading them is not new; its most famous victim was beheaded in Baghdad over a 1,000 years ago and the most recent ones are the victims of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Today, at the Toronto Public Library on Palmerston Street, a group of Muslims are going to say “Enough is enough.” They will honour a 21st century Muslim reformer in the…

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