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Are you a Sexy Bachelor?



By T.V. Antony Raj


Dear Bachelors,

Most Indians believe in arranged marriages. However, mine was a love marriage.

Whatever it is, love marriage or arranged marriage, symbolically one jumps into a well or a slimy sump on the day of his marriage. Though what he jumps into being beyond his control, he may still boast it is.

I jumped into the well of marriage 47 years ago and except for a few moments I have no regrets.

You are still a bachelor. Why? Because you don’t have the courage we married guys have, and you think you are wiser than us. But I say, “you miss living in the fullness of life.”

So, get married now to a girl (of course) while you are still an eligible candidate for the post of husband before it is too late for a woman to say “No!” just looking at you.

Don’t miss your boat. Have courage and jump into the well.

Fathom first-hand how deep, pleasant or devastating married life can be apart from having sex.

Die after living a full life.