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How Do You Respond to Someone’s Good News?


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj


Your friend Harry announces his marriage would take place next month. What is the best method to respond to news such as this?

Fortunately, in English, we have a word – Congratulations.

Send Harry a card or letter saying, “Congratulations on your engagement,” or “Congratulations on getting married.”

Other than “congratulations” there are lots of other words that can be said in person such as, “Ah excellent!” “That is fantastic news!” “Are you excited?” “That is splendid news!” “Is it?” “Fantastic, good luck.”

To enliven your conversation, ask a few questions.

Add words such as “fantastic,” “great” or “wonderful” – or use any other positive word. However, there is no need to say, “That’s fantastic news” when talking. We can often use positive words like “fantastic” or “splendid” by themselves.

Some use the words “how” and “what” in phrases such as, “How splendid!” or “What splendid news!” However, they are quite old-fashioned.

Remember that any good news embodies some elements of surprise; therefore, use phrases like, “Is she!” or “Wow, I didn’t know that!” in your response.

By the way, “Wow” – W-O-W – is a word used when really surprised by something – and pleased.

These two phrases might come in handy. “I’m really pleased to hear that…” and “I’m really happy for you.


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“Entertainment for the Saints”

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