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Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th and Final Test Match of His Career.

Myself By T.V. Antony Raj


I hate you Sachin, you are making millions cry, don’t go,‘ stated a placard at the ground.


Sachin Tendulkar (PTI)
Sachin Tendulkar (PTI)

As a 16-year-old cricketer Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar made headlines on November 15, 1989, for being the third youngest Test debutante by playing against Pakistan. On October 10, 2013, the 40 year-old cricketer known to his ardent fans as “God of Cricket” announced his retirement ending a blazing 24-year career.

Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium  (Source:
Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium (Source:

The 200th and last Test Match for Sachin Tendulkar began yesterday, November 14, 2013, at his home ground, Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai.

Before the start of the Second Test between India and West Indies, Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) honoured Sachin Tendulkar by presenting him with a trophy.

Gold Toss coin
Gold Toss coin

India’s skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni tossed a specially crafted gold coin with Sachin’s image on one side and the MCA’s logo on the other as West Indies skipper Darren Sammy called. Dhoni won the toss and opted to bowl first disappointing Sachin’s fans.

Sachin  received the gold toss coin as a memento as he plays his 200th and last Test match of his 24 years career. Select dignitaries will receive 1000 replicas of the coin at the stadium.

Sachin Tendulkar poses with a stamp book released to commemorate  his last and 200th test match against West Indies at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai today. (Photo - K.R. Deepak)
Sachin Tendulkar poses with a stamp book released to commemorate his last and 200th test match against West Indies at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai today. (Photo – K.R. Deepak)
Two Postage Stamps to honour Sachin Tendulkar
Two Postage Stamps to honour Sachin Tendulkar.

After the toss, the Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal released the commemorative postage stamps to pay tribute to the prodigious cricketer. Union Minister Sharad Pawar, Rajeev Shukla and Milind Murli Deora also joined in releasing the postage stamp honouring Tendulkar. After Mother Teresa, the 40-year old legend is the second person to have a postage stamp released after him, when still alive.

Sachin Tendulkar leading the Indian team on February 14, 2013. (Image - Cricinfo)
Sachin Tendulkar leading the Indian team on February 14, 2013. (Image – Cricinfo)

Great cricket stalwarts of yesteryear such as Clive Lloyd, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Dilip Vengsarksr, Ravi Shashtri, Wasim Akram greeted Sachin Tendulkar, walked on to the field with the rest of the Indian team to field against the West Indies.

Sachin Tendulkar's Amma (Mother).
Sachin Tendulkar’s Amma (Mother).

Union ministers Kabil Sibal, Sharad Pawar, Milind Murli Deora, Rahul Gandhi, actors Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and many other VIPs, were seen at the stadium yesterday and today along with the ever-roaring die-hard fans including Sachin’s mother, his daughter Sara and son Arjun.

Sachin Tendulkar's daughter Sara along with brother Arjun.
Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara along with brother Arjun. (Image: Indiatimes)


The West Indies were bowled out for 182 in their first innings. Pragyan Ojha took a five-wicket haul.

At the third session of day’s play, Darren Sammy opened the bowling for the visitors, and Murali Vijay took the strike.

At 13.2 overs, when the score was 77, Shikhar Dhawan was caught by Shivnarine Chanderpaul to Shane Shillingford bowling after scoring 33 runs. Cheteshwar Pujara walked into bat. Four balls later Murali Vijay fell to Shillingford for 43.

At the fall of the second Indian wicket the loud cheer from the live audience at Wankhade Stadium and Sachin’s fans around the globe glued to the TVs in their homes and offices, invariably welcomed Sachin. Coming on to bat as number 4 has been Sachin’s cherished batting position.

In 1948, while playing in his last Test innings at the Oval, Sir Don Bradman’s eyes became moist and he failed to spot Eric Hollies’ googly. He got out for a duck. Luckily, Sachin Tendulkar has escaped from that type of predicament for at the end of the first day’s play Sachin had scored 38 runs from 73 balls.

Cheteshwar Pujara scored 34 runs from 49 balls. At the end of the first day’s play India after facing 34 overs had scored 157 runs for the loss of two wickets. In the Indian dressing room Bhuvneshwar Kumar padded up as the nightwatchman removed his gear.

Here are some of the tweets from cricketers all around the world who paid their tribute to Sachin:

  • Alan Wilkins tweets: This is a Test Match like no other! Let Sachin enjoy it as much as he can…this is a celebration of the greatest Cricket Career of all time.
  • Ian Bell tweets: The atmosphere in Mumbai right now must be immense!! #ThankYouSachin #LittleMaster
  • Joe Root tweets: Sachin made his debut for India before I was born. Then played in my test debut #ThankYouSachin
  • Mahela Jayawardena tweets: @sachin_rt Great opponent, fantastic better role model. Enjoy ur last game!
  • Matthew Hayden tweets: @bhogleharsha @alanwilkins22 Sachin…..Sachin #Legend please pass on my respects during your commentary in Honour to Tendulkar #whataplayer
  • Michael Vaughan tweets: 38 no… #Sachin. #God. Alarm clock will be set…..
  • Russel Arnold tweets: Good luck to Sachin today…. Hope he dishes out a treat for his mother!!! #IndvsWI
  • Shane Warne tweets: @warne888 #Sachin was the best batsmen I’ve seen. @brianlara second and outstanding too. These 2 were so much better than everybody else….
  • Stuart Broad tweets: Remarkable achievement by a legend of the sport we love. #200 #ThankYouSachin

Tweets from Indian cricketers:

  • Dinesh Karthik tweets: Wishing Sachin paji a grt test match,will be watching it only for the legend #ThankYouSachin
  • Rohit Sharma tweets: I can never retire from Sachin. #SRTFOREVER
  • Suresh Raina tweets: No matter how many times u say it, still feels less. The greatest ever. The Legend. Wonderful to say #SalaamSachin

Today, morning, a very relaxed and calm Sachin Tendulkar walked on to the field with Cheteshwar Pujara. The play started with Pujara facing Best.

Tendulkar hit a four off Best’s last ball in the 39th over (38.5) to reach his 68th Test fifty. It was also, his 10th against West Indies. Pujara reached his 4th Test fifty getting one run off a ball from for Gabriel.

Last ball of the 48th over (47.5) off the relatively new bowler Narsingh Deonarine proved fatal for Sachin Tendulkar.

Narsingh Deonarine
Narsingh Deonarine

“Deonarine to Tendulkar, out Caught by Sammy!! No, no, no, Tendulkar, no, no, no. How many times have we seen a relatively new bowler get his wicket. It is that man Sammy again taking another blinder. I tell you what, it was not an easy catch at all. Flatter delivery outside off stump, Tendulkar looks to cut late and gets a thick outside edge, the ball flies quickly off, and Sammy leans back and takes a wonderful catch. The entire ground is stunned. He gets a standing ovation as some are in tears. Wife Anjali cannot believe that he’s been dismissed and so can I. He was batting so beautifully, unfortunately, the treat has come to an end. Thank you Master for all that you’ve done. “

Sachin Tendulkar walking back to the pavillion (Image - Cricinfo)
Sachin Tendulkar walking back to the pavillion  (Image – Cricinfo)

Tendulkar c Sammy b Deonarine 74(118) [4s-12] and Virat Kohli, right handed bat, came to the crease.

With his 68th half-century, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (born April 24, 1973) may well be concluding his long and spectacular cricketing career.




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India Celebrates Children’s Day 2013

Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


I wish all children in India “A Happy Children’s Day!”

In 1925, The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, proclaimed June 1 as International Children’s Day and then established universally in 1954. Now, many countries around the world, celebrate Children’s Day, but on different days each year.

Universal Children’s Day

A major global variant of Children’s Day is the Universal Children’s Day celebrated on November 20 every year.

The United Nations General Assembly recommended this day in 1954 to urge all its member countries to institute a day, with the aim to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children, and to initiate action to help and promote the welfare of children globally as outlined in the Charter.

On November 20, 1959 the United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and on November 20, 1989 the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

India celebrates Children’s Day on November 14

Children’s Day (ISource:
Children’s Day (Source:

Today, November 14, India celebrates Children’s Day. On this day, India remembers and honours the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The children of India fondly called him “Chacha Nehru” (Hindi: चाचा नेहरू)) or Uncle Nehru.

Nehru consistently emphasized the importance of showering love and affection on children. He saw in them the future of India.

On Children’s Day, the Kids in India engage themselves in the fun and frolic. Various educational, cultural, social, institutions organize functions and conduct competitions for children all over the country. The State and the Central governments organize film festivals in many parts of the country to showcase Children’s films.

In many schools, the children themselves arrange the cultural activities on this day. Teachers also get involved; in many schools, they sing and dance for their students.

First Day Covers for commemorating Children's Day 2012 in India
First Day Cover for commemorating Children’s Day 2012 in India

Every year, India Post issues special stamps of paintings  by children and First Day Covers for commemorating Children’s Day in India. Here are the commemorative stamps issued from year 2006 to 2012. Please note that these images of the postage stamps are not to scale.

Children's Day November 14, 2012- Rs 5
Children’s Day 2012

Children's Day November 14, 2011 - Rs 5
Children’s Day 2011

Children's Day November 14, 2011 - Rs 20
Children’s Day 2011

Children's Day November 14, 2010 - Rs 5
Children’s Day 2010

Children's Day November 14, 2010 - Rs 5
Children’s Day 2010

Children's Day November 14, 2010 - Rs 5
Children’s Day 2010

Children's Day Nov 14, 2010
Children’s Day 2010

Children's Day 2009
Children’s Day 2009

Children's Day 2009
Children’s Day 2009

Children's Day 2008
Children’s Day 2008

Children's Day 2008
Children’s Day 2008

Children's Day 2008
Children’s Day 2008

Children's Day 2007
Children’s Day 2007

Children's Day 2007
Children’s Day 2007

Children's Day 2006
Children’s Day 2006

Children's Day 2007
Children’s Day 2007.

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CEYLON 3 cents Postage Stamp


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj

A week ago, my nephew Reny Vincent, shared a post that he had come across in Facebook. This post written in Tamil is about a CEYLON stamp with a face value of 3 cents issued on the occasion of the Sambuddha Jayanthi 2500 Era 2nd Issue. After sharing this post, Reny wrote on my timeline on Facebook,  “Periappa, any comment? :-)”

I read the article. The author of this post has written very accurately the story about prince Vijaya, who hailed from the north-east part of India, arriving in Sri Lanka. What irked me, (and might have irked Reny as well, otherwise he would not have asked for my comment) was that the author after writing so beautifully has slandered the government of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese people using vituperative language.

This is the post that Reny shared:

I have pointed out in red the stamp in question and the legend in Tamil that’s written underneath it.

Under the postage stamp, the author has described it as follows in Tamil:

The postage stamp that was released and retracted by the Lankan government

To see this post yourself click on this line. 

As I told your earlier this post is in Tamil and a lengthy one. If you can read Tamil, please click on the above link and try to find out the fallacy in the author’s statement about the postage stamp.

I feel that the the author, ignorant on the subject of postage stamps, had used this 3 cents postage stamp unscrupulously to rouse the rabble. And I would say that he had succeeded in his mission. Mind you, this post has been shared 97 times. And has been commented by 122 persons, and all of them, using abusive language against the government of Sri Lanka, its politicians, and the Sinhalese people

Here are 2 sample comments:

Comments #1: V nice to here the history of sri lanka how ever i also have this stamp with me but i don’t know the history i am v. grateful for your information. (sic)

Comments #2: இது சில‌ த‌மிழ் துரோகிகள் ப‌டிக்க‌ வேண்டிய‌து ஏன் என்றால் இவ‌ர்க‌ள் தான் கேக்கின்றார்க‌ள் பிழைக்க‌ போன‌ இட‌த்தில் ஏன் நாடு கேட்டு ச‌ண்டை போடுகின்றார்க‌ள் என்று அந்த‌ அயோக்கிய‌ர்க‌ள் ப‌டிக்க‌ வேண்டிய‌ முக்கிய‌ ப‌திவு இது. (sic)

I just don’t understand why some of these guys from Tamilnadu are so gullible. Is it the hate towards the Sinhalese stymieing their mind and obstructing their eyes from seeing what is apparently placed before them?

Okay. Here is my reply to my nephew:

Dear Reny,

The story of Vijaya and Kuveni is correctly told by this person as per what I learned. Also, Vijaya and his companions marrying Tamil women brought from South India is correct.  In fact, even the Sinhalese accept this.

I remember seeing a Sinhalese TV short film (a short story and not a documentary) on Rupavahini during 1983-84 or so at the height of ethnic troubles in which a Buddhist monk admonishes the irate crowd of Sinhales saying something like this: “Aren’t you ashamed to attack these (Tamil) women. Don’t you remember we originated from their wombs and drank the milk from their breasts?

Please note that this postage stamp was issued on May 23, 1956 and was invalidated on October 1, 1966 after a period of 10 years and 4 months. It has value of 3 cents and the name of the country is CEYLON and not Sri Lanka.

The name Sri Lanka for Ceylon came into existence only in 1971 when the Sri Lanka Freedom Party under the leadership of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike came to power. See my article “Remembering Sirimavo – The Modern World’s First Female Head of Government ”

So, the writer saying :

தபால் தலையை பார்த்த சிங்கள தலைவர்கள், அதற்கு எதிர்ப்பு தெரிவித்தனர். “விஜயன் இந்தியாவில் இருந்து இலங்கைக்கு வந்தவன் என்ற கருத்து ஏற்கத் தக்கது அல்ல. தவிரவும், விஜயன் வந்தபோதே இங்கு குவேனி என்ற தமிழ்ப்பெண் இருந்திருக்கிறாள் என்று கூறினால், இலங்கையின் பூர்வகுடிகள் தமிழர்கள் என்பதை நாமே ஒப்புக்கொண்டது போலாகிவிடும். எனவே, இந்த தபால் தலையை வாபஸ் பெறவேண்டும்” என்று கூறினார்கள்.

can not be accepted since during 1956 to 1966, there was no ethnic war in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and peace prevailed throughout the Island.

Also whether Kuveni was a Tamil woman and spoke Tamil is not authenticated. Since Tamil is an ancient language she might have spoken Tamil.

To accept the statement of mine about the 3 cents postage stamp, please click on this link Sambuddha Jayanthi 2500 Era 2nd Issue.

Also to know a little more about prince Vijaya and Kuveni click on these links :

So, please remember this axiom of mine:

Don’t immediately conclude that whatever that appears in Facebook is 100% true, and don’t come to the conclusion that all Sinhalese are bad because someone said so in Facebook.”