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The Non-static Currency – a Lesson in Economics.



By T. V. Antony Raj



One day a foreign tourist came to the only hotel situated on the main street in a small town in India. On seeing the hotel manager the tourist pulled out a 2000 rupee note from his wallet, placed it on the counter and then went upstairs to inspect the rooms.

The hotel owner took the 2000 rupee note and rushed out to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher then hurried to pay the poultry wholesale dealer.

The poultry wholesale dealer then ran to pay the feed supplier.

The feed supplier sped to pay the prostitute, who lived on the main street, to pay her for servicing him on credit.

The prostitute then hastened to the hotel to pay off her debt to the hotel owner for the rooms she rented for carrying on her business.

The tourist came downstairs and said he did not like any of the rooms.

The hotel owner then placed the 2000 rupee note back on the counter. The tourist took back his money and left the hotel.

Lesson: This is business today. No one earned anything. Now clear of any debt, everyone is happy, optimistic, and look forward to doing more business in the future with each other.

If You Buy a Bullet, You Must Go to Ladakh!

Myself  .By T.V. Antony Raj


Royal Enfield Bullet Sporty single 500cc (Source:
Royal Enfield Bullet Sporty single 500cc (Source:

Today I saw the following write-up in under the heading “ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET SPORT CONCEPT“:

Imagine if Royal Enfield releaseded a sporty single 500cc for the European market. (sic)

The Bullet Sport Concept could look a little like this. The production version will become simpler in order to reduce the price, but fundamentally it could have the same shape.

The new engine is quite an improvement but this design might still be a bit of wishful thinking. It looks good, no doubt about that, and if you had a race series with only these bikes allowed, it could be a lot of fun. So, if you think about it that way, why not? Interesting.

Yesterday, I came across an article in titled “Man’s Bullet motorcycle taken back for not visiting Ladakh within 6 months of purchase“. It was posted by  in a tongue-in-cheek demeanor

I confess that I am an ignoramus when it comes to the subject of motorcycles. I have only a TVS Heavy Duty Super XL. As I could not reach the author of this interesting post, can anyone tell me whether there is an iota of truth in this revelation?

Here is the body of Mr. Sandeep Kadian’s post:

Motorcycle manufacturing company Royal Enfield has shocked one of its customers when they confiscated his Bullet motorcycle after he failed to visit Ladakh even after 6 months of purchase.

Rajat Sharma from Dwarka in Delhi had bought a new Bullet motorcycle in May this year, but it was forcibly taken back from him by Royal Enfield after he was found not following the unwritten clauses of the user manual.

Bullet bike trip to Leh-Ladakh region could soon be made compulsory by constitutional amendment. (Source:
Bullet bike trip to Leh-Ladakh region could soon be made compulsory by constitutional amendment. (Source:

Speaking to Faking News, a bewildered Rajat said, “This is crazy. I got a call from their customer service department who asked me how my Ladakh experience was. When I told them that I haven’t been there yet, they arrived and took back the bike!”

“I tried telling them that I work as an IT engineer and we don’t get enough days off to plan a road trip to Ladakh, but they didn’t listen. They returned the amount I had paid for the bike and took it away with them,” Rajat recounted as he broke down in tears.

When we contacted Royal Enfield for their side of the story, they strongly defended their decision and claimed that Rajat has hurt their brand image by traveling only between Delhi and Gurgaon riding on a Bullet.

“Take a DTC bus or a shared auto if that’s what you want to do. Why buy a Bullet for that?” Marketing manager Mr. Ramesh Rastogi told Faking News.

“See, it is an unwritten rule that if you have a Bullet, you must ride on it to Ladakh. By not going there for 6 months, what is Mr. Rajat trying to say? That our Bike is to be used in city traffic? This is unacceptable!” he explained how the user manual instructions were not met by Rajat.

“In fact, Rajat should be glad that we just confiscated the bike and didn’t seek legal action for causing damage to our brand image in the market. Let this be a warning to all future buyers, we won’t compromise on our brand image,” Mr. Rastogi declared.

“If you buy a Bullet, you must go to Ladakh. At least go till Rohtang immediately,” he added.

Sources tell Faking News that Rajat had promised to go to Ladakh as a compromise, but without a Bullet motorcycle. This offer of settlement was laughed off by the bike company.

“Going to Ladakh without Bullet? Who does he think he is? A Chinese soldier?” Mr. Rastogi said.

On an unrelated note, industrialist Anil Ambani’s broom was taken away from his home after he didn’t share an image on social media showing him cleaning up dry leaves as part of Prime Minister’ Swachchh Bharat Mission.

Oh my! The last paragraph in the post, and the following disclaimer I found in another post in the same website cleared my doubts.

Disclaimer: This article has NOT been edited or written by the Faking News editorial team for publication as a mainstream article. This is a user generated content, and could be unusually better or worse in quality than an article published on the mainstream Faking News website. You too can write your own news report on My Faking News.




A Management Study in Workforce Motivation



Of course, this is an old story, but worth reading again and again…


The ant and the lion - a lesson in management (Source:
The ant and the lion – a lesson in management (Source:


Every day, the ant arrived early and started work immediately.

She produced a lot and was happy.

It surprised the Chief, a lion, to see the ant working without supervision. He thought if the ant can produce so much without supervision, wouldn’t she produce even more if supervised!

So, he hired a supervisor – a cockroach with extensive experience and adept at writing excellent reports.

The cockroach first set up a clocking attendance system. He hired a spider as secretary to help him write and type his reports. The spider managed the archives and attended all phone calls.

The lion, delighted with the cockroach’s reports asked him graphs for production rates. So, the cockroach bought two computers and a laser printer, and he recruited a fly to manage the IT department. The lion used the graphs to analyse work trends, and for presentations at Board meetings.

The ant, who was once productive and relaxed, hated this new plethora of paperwork and meetings which used up most of her time.

Then the lion decided to nominate a person in charge of the department where the ant worked.

The new person appointed to that position was a cicada. His first decision was to buy a carpet and an ergonomic chair for his office. He bought a computer. Then he wanted a Personal Assistant to help him prepare the Work and Budget Control Strategic Optimisation Plan (W&BCSOP). He brought this person from the company he worked before.

Then, in the Department where the ant worked nobody laughed anymore. So, the cicada came up with a bright idea. He convinced the chief, the lion, of the absolute necessity to start a climatic study of the working environment.

The lion reviewed the new study and the cost of running the department. He found the production much less than before.

So, the lion recruited an owl, a prestigious and renowned consultant to carry out an audit and suggest solutions.

The owl spent three months in the department and came up with his report that spanned several volumes. The report concluded: “The department is overstaffed!

Guess whom the lion fired first?

The ant, of course, because she “showed a lack of motivation and had a negative attitude to work!


Wish You a Happy Birthday James Sinegal, Co-founder of Costco!

Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


Born on January 1st, 1936 into a Catholic working-class family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, James Wright’s mother placed him in an orphanage. At the age of 11, his mother and her second husband Giuseppe Siniscalli (who later changed his name to Sinegal) adopted him. James took his stepfather’s last name.

James Sinegal attended Helix High School in La Mesa, California and earned an AA at San Diego City College in 1955. He obtained a BA from San Diego State University in 1959.

In 1954, he started working as a bagger at FedMart. Enthused by the opportunities at this rapidly growing retailer, he worked his way up to executive vice-president in charge of merchandising and operations.

From 1977-1978, James Sinegal worked as a vice president of merchandising for Builders Emporium and from 1978-1979 as an executive vice president for the Price Company. From 1979-1983, he worked with Sinegal/Chamberlain and Associates, a company which acted as a broker and sales representative for food and non-food products.

In 1983, James Sinegal together with Seattle retailer Jeff Brotman, co-founded Costco, the well-known discount-warehouse store on Fourth Avenue South in Seattle. James Sinegal said: “… three decades ago, a friend and I had a big idea for a small business: a wholesale store that would provide our members with great products at low prices while treating our employees fairly.”

He also said: “Costco is able to offer lower prices and better values by eliminating virtually all the frills and costs historically associated with conventional wholesalers and retailers, including salespeople, fancy buildings, delivery, and billing and accounts receivable. We run a tight operation with extremely low overhead which enables us to pass on dramatic savings to our members.”

Five years later Costco moved to Kirkland, the origin of its “Kirkland Signature” private label name. Currently based in Issaquah, it has 592 warehouses, 155,000 employees and annual revenues of $78 billion.

In its mix of goods and services Sinegal initiated Costco’s first “warehouse club” to include fresh food, eye-care clinics, pharmacies, and gas stations.

Unlike other major retail chain leaders who delegate subordinates to do the task of inspection of their retail outlets, Sinegal, even though he was the CEO of Costco, traveled every year to all retail locations to inspect them personally.

On January 1st, 2012, President and Chief Operating Officer Craig Jelinek took the reins from James Sinegal as CEO of Costco. Sinegal remains on Costco’s Board of Directors. James Sinegal radiated his quirky blend of humble, sincere and spirited aura when he spoke about his successor:”It’ll be an upgrade. He is well-liked and smart and energetic and all the things that I used to be.”

“Value Has a Value Only If Its Value Is Valued” – Brian G. Dyson

Myself . 

By T. V. Antony Raj


Mr Brian G. Dyson joined The Coca-Cola Company in Venezuela in 1959. He served the Company for 35 years up to his retirement in 1984. He worked for many years in South America, the Caribbean islands and Mexico; and held various executive-level positions in the Company.

Brian G. Dyson – Former CEO of Coca-Cola
Brian G. Dyson – Former CEO of Coca-Cola

In 1978, Coca-Cola USA, the Company’s US soft drink division appointed him as their President.

In 1983, Mr Dyson, named President of Coca-Cola North America, took on the responsibility for Coca-Cola Company’s entire North American business; and in 1986, the mantle of president and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Enterprises fell on him.

Though he retired from the Coca-Cola Company in 1994, he remained active as a consultant to the Company.

On September 6, 1996, Mr Dyson gave the following succinct speech at the Georgia Tech 172nd Commencement Address.

“Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the air.

You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls – Family, Health, Friends and Spirit – are made of glass. If you drop one of these; they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for it.

Work efficiently during office hours and leave on time. Give the required time to your family, friends and have proper rest. Value has a value only if its value is valued.”

In August 2001, Mr Dyson came out of retirement. He accepted the position of Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.


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