The First Pizzas





BT. V. Antony Raj


Pizza (Andrewshots/Shutterstock)


People in many ancient cultures, such as the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman enjoyed flatbreads with various toppings, including olive oil and herbs.

Most people attribute the beginnings of the modern version of the round dish, covered with cheese and toppings, the ‘pizza‘ to the city of Naples in Italy where it has been the “thing” since the 1700s. In fact, it seems that before pizza became a popular cuisine in Italy, it stormed America. Though it was created in Naples it took a while to catch on in Italy, It wasn’t until the 1940s that pizza would spread across Italy and become a much-loved food item, instead of being a treat found only in Naples.

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is the oldest pizzeria in Naples to serve pizza. It started as a street vendor in 1738 and it became a real pizzeria in 1830. They’re still open and are serving pizza to this day. Vincenzo Luciano is the 5th generation to run the business.




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