Arrack, the Spirit of Sri Lanka!

By T. V. Antony Raj


Marco Polo in his 13th-century travelogue, “Il Milione“, commented about Arrack, the wonderful spirit, documenting it as a legendary beverage forever, and the predecessor to nearly every new world spirit.


Variations abound, but the purest, single-ingredient spirit remains exclusively handcrafted in the island nation of Sri Lanka, where the country’s oldest and most prestigious distilleries distill Premium, Old and Very Special Old Arrack (VSOA).

700 years of knowledge handed down from generations of master artisans, makes VSOA a spirit unique to the island. Premiere blends of handcrafted refined single and double-distilled spirits stored in Halmilla wood barrels are allowed to mellow for 2 years.

Mendis Ceylon Arrack

Have you tried DCSL VSOA, WHITE LION VSOA, Mendis Special, or IDL OLD ARRACK? If not, I would say you do not have any knowledge or respect for old age!


One thought on “Arrack, the Spirit of Sri Lanka!”

  1. Upon my retirement, a colleague from Sri Lanka gave me a gift of DCSL VSOA (Very Special Old Arrack) knowing my love of refined distilled spirits. She had brought it home from her last visit in 2019 and said it was the national drink of Sri Lanka.

    Not knowing any background to this particular spirit, I research as to how it is presented and like many whiskeys it can be mixed (typically with local ginger beer) or sipped straight.

    I always say that straight sipping is the only way to test a true spirit so that is the y way I went. I also love coconut, so it was doubly interesting for me.

    What a wonderful smooth and nicely sweet taste. Very gentle going down with a warm after taste that did not burn at all. Now one of my favourite sipping drinks, I am trying to find a way to bring it to Canada.


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