“Teach me HUMANITY!”


Humanity <3

They taught her to read

And also to write

They showed her colors

From black to white

She learnt how to dance

And twirl around

She was taught golden words

And musical sound

They told her of Nature

Animals and trees

Of it’s loving Creator

Mountains and seas

She learned to add, subtract,

Multiply and divide

Brackets open and close

Rules to abide

She understood that

The earth rotates

That every country

Has a number of states

She learnt of great men

And wars lost and won

Of women ill-treated

Rise together as one

Acids and bases

Mixed and neutralized

Laws of gravity

Made her all realize

That knowledge is power

It comes at a cost

Everyone can’t afford

What they want the most

But the most important

Lesson of all said she,

“They forgot to teach


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