Rape of Law

In short, I am shocked. You should be too… What has the world come to?

Thoughts on Law and World Affairs

The controversy pertaining to the ban of BBC’s recent documentary on the Delhi Gang Rape, titled ‘India’s Daughter’ led me to rethink my position of decency and justice. The reasons given to justify the ban were that it: 1.   violated Four Indian Statutes (despite my attempts, I have not been able to recover the said statutes except a very general idea of the same) 2. has the potential of inciting public outrage 3. gives overarching importance to freedom of expression 4. gives a  platform to Mukesh Singh (convicted of rape and murder and currently on death row) 5. reveals the identity of the victim and violates privacy.

I was subject to the torture of sitting through the intellectual academic circles arguing in a very divided manner on the issue which was indeed a surprise. My surprise was primarily caused due to many reasons. The assumption that underlies the argument that…

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One thought on “Rape of Law”

  1. in the sense of our culture (which is almost gone) this act is likely to be punished (in front of people), our ladies of this generation are also need to be advised. we are not living in new york, where the law and ordder exists and protect.


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