The Simple Act of Caring and Giving…



By T.V. Antony Raj


A Simple Act of Giving

Did you smile today? Have you ever wondered how many people your single smile will affect?

Did you do any good deed today? Did you care for someone today? Did you give something to someone today?

Giving may refer to:

Giving a gift, the transferring something to someone without expecting to receive something in return.

Giving may mean generosity, the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return.

Giving charity, the practice of helping those in need, whether they are related to you or not.

Though you did not expect anything in return have you ever wondered what the good deed you did today would do to you?

Today I came across this beautiful video which shows how the act of giving can influence the people around you.

Yes. A simple act of caring and giving creates an endless ripple that at times might come back to you…!




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