Death of Adolf Hitler – Appendix A: Adolf Hitler’s Private Testament


Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj



Martin Bormann's note
Martin Bormann’s note

The Secretary of the Führer, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann
Führer Headquarters
Postal address Munich 33, Führerbau.


Dear Grandadmiral!

Since all our Divisions failed to appear our situation seems to be beyond hope.

The Fuhrer dictated last night the attached political statement.

Hail Hitler!
(Signed) Bormann


Mein privates Testament - Page 1  (Source:
Mein privates Testament – Page 1 (Source:
Mein privates Testament - Page 2 (Source:
Mein privates Testament – Page 2 (Source:
Mein privates Testament - Page 2 (Source:
Mein privates Testament – Page 3 (Source:


My Private Testament

Since I did not think I should take the responsibility of entering into marriage during the years of combat, I have decided now before termination of life on this earth, to marry the woman who, after many years of true friendship, entered voluntarily into this already almost besieged City, to share my fate. She goes to death with me as my wife, according to her own desire. Death will replace for us that of which my work in the service of my people robbed us.

What I own belongs – as far as it is of any value at all – to the party. Should the party no longer exist it will belong to the state. Should the state also be destroyed, any further decision from me is to longer necessary.

The paintings in the collections which I have bought during the years have never been acquired for private purposes, but always exclusively for the creation of an art gallery in my native town of Linz a.d. Donau.

It is my heartfelt desire that this legacy shall be fulfilled.

My most faithful party member

Martin Bormann

shall be the executor of this testament. He is authorized to make all decisions to be final and legal. He is permitted to take everything which either has personal souvenir value or which is necessary for the maintenance of a small bourgeois household and to give it to my brothers and sisters, and besides especially to the mother of my wife and my co-workers who all are well known to him. There are most of all my oil secretaries Mrs Winter etc., who for many years gave me loyal co-operation.

Myself and my wife choose death to escape the disgrace of being forced to resign or to surrender. It is our wish to be cremated immediately at the place where I have done the greatest part of my work during the twelve years of service for my people.

Given in Berlin, 29th. April 1945, 4:00 hrs

(Signed) A. Hitler

As Witnesses:

(Sd.) Martin Bormann
(Sd.) Dr. Goebbels

As Witness:
(Sd.) Nicolaus von Below.






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