A Night With The Moon…


This poem appeared on May 27, 2011 in Facebook. The author Sonia Kargutkar is a student at St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. –  T.V. Antony Raj

Sonia Kargutkar

By Sonia Kargutkar

The pale moon stared at me,
Through the dense, gloomy clouds,
I wondered whether she could see,
My pain and anguish throughout..

stared back with tear-filled eyes,
The dark place in my chest hurt hard,
It seemed to me she did realise,
My dreams and life had been charred..

Her stare continued to pierce my soul,
But i did not dare to blink,
I wanted her to know me whole,
Before the sun rose, and she’d sink..!

So, i pleaded to her in soft whispers,
To stay for a li’l longer,
She understood, for the clouds dispersed,
They parted to make way for her..

Filled with gratitude, i said, ” Thank you ”
And she simply seemed to smile,
I think she was a li’l lonely too,
Cause she kept me company for a while..

My heart went out to her as i cried,
She’d accepted me so soon,
She tried cheering me up and sighed,
As i whimpered and i swooned..

I couldn’t hold it back anymore,
And i guess she couldn’t either,
Together, we wept till my eyes got sore,
Not a word was spoken to neither..

The tears washed away the pain,
And she gently seemed to say,
” Hope to see you tomorrow again,
After a bright, new, happy day..!

Thank you, thank you”, was all i said,
As i wiped my tear-stained face,
With a sweet grin that said she cared,
She slowly departed, into that unconfined space…


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