50 Common English Phrases That Are Used Incorrectly by Some Writers


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj .



Many probably have their own pet peeves while writing. I am not an authority on writing. When I was young I overcame the writer’s block on reading the masterpiece Say What You Mean” by Rudolf Franz Flesch. Even so, I confess that my grammar is not that good and I do make silly mistakes in my writing.

Here are some common phrases which I have come across that needs everyone’s attention whether they are bloggers or not. I feel the phrases on the left are incorrect,
while the ones on the right seem to be correct.

01: All of my children | All my children

02: A mute point | A moot point

03: Anyways | Anyway

04: Baited breath | Bated breath

05: Begging the question | Raising the question

06: Brother-in-laws | Brothers-in-law

07: Case and point | Case in point

08: Chester drawers | Chest of drawers

09: Circumvent the globe | Circumnavigate the globe

10: Curl up in the feeble position | Curl up in the fetal position

11: Each one worse than the next | Each one worse than the last

12: Expresso coffee | Espresso coffee

13: Extract revenge | Exact revenge

14: Fall by the waste side | Fall by the wayside

15: For all intensive purposes | For all intents and purposes

16: Free reign | Free rein

17: He did good | He did well

18: Head towards the door | Head toward the door

19: Hunger pains | Hunger pangs

20: I’m giving you leadway | I’m giving you leeway

21: I could care less | I couldn’t care less

22: I made a complete 360 degree change in my life | I made a complete 180 degree change in my life

23: Irregardless | Regardless

24: It’s a doggy-dog world | It’s a dog-eat-dog world

25: Jive with | Jibe with

26: Make due | Make do

27: Momento | Memento

28: Near miss | Near hit

29: Nip it in the butt! | Nip it in the bud!

30: Old timer’s disease | Alzheimer’s Disease

31: On accident | By accident

32: On tender hooks | On tenterhooks”

33: One in the same | One and the same

34: Outside of | Outside

35: Pick / Peak my curiosity | Pique my curiosity

36: Runner-ups | Runners-up

37: Scotch / Scott free | Scot free

38: Self-depreciating | Self-deprecating

39: Less than 300 characters | Fewer than 300 characters

40: Should of | Should have

41: Sneak peak | Sneak peek

42: Statue of limitations | Statute of limitations

43: Step foot | Set foot

44: Suppository of information | Repository of information

45: The spitting image | The spit and image

46 They made her an escape goat for the breakup of the family | They made her a scapegoat for the breakup of the family

47: What’s your guyses opinion? | What’s your opinion, guys?

48: Without further adieu / Without further a due | Without further ado

49: Wreck havoc | Wreak havoc

50: You have another thing coming! | You have another think coming!

How to write good

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