This Happens Only in India: Panchayat Orders Victim to Marry the Rapist

.Stop violence against women

Panchayat orders girl to marry her rapist

By Purusharth Aradhak

BULANDSHAHR: A panchayat in Bulandshahr passed a bizarre diktat on Thursday ordering a man to get married to the girl who was sexually assaulted by him three days ago. The girl had been alone when her neighbour’s guest entered the house, gagged and raped her. The victim later informed her family about the incident. The accused is a resident of Kasna in Gautam Budh Nagar district.

The victim’s family then approached the police. By then the accused went to the panchayat and asked them to hush up the matter. The panchayat ordered the accused to get married to the girl. They even threatened the girl’s family if they did not follow the diktat.

The family had approached the Bulandshahr SSP Gulab Singh but failed to get any respite. Later, after the matter came into the media, the accused was arrested and a FIR lodged under Section 354 of the IPC.

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5 thoughts on “This Happens Only in India: Panchayat Orders Victim to Marry the Rapist”

  1. Incredible. Instead of giving the rapist a severe punishment they punish the girl for her life long.

    Incredible also that a ten-year-old girl who was detained after complaining she had been raped by a neighbour should come under police protection amid claims that she will be stoned to death if they do not withdraw the allegation.

    How is it possible that men who think they can be boss over women and can do whatever they want with them get free way to enjoy their corrupt life.


  2. Uncle,

    As long as the legislative system in India is primitive/un-updated, we will continue to witness such dramas in this country.

    I’m ashamed.

    Joseph Napoleon +91-99402 12790

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  3. No doubt that the decision of the Punjayat is considerable, as you know in our culture no one could be ready to marry her, but the most terrible thing is those type of incidents are happening on daily bases, by the way I am not Indian but Pakistani, but can’t see any difference of the both countries, we have to think, why this happening every day, in my opinion the reasons are:
    1. Our sick Police, they also need to be monitored.
    2. The female wearing. We always copy west only in dressing not in the talents, you know if this type of case happen in west, the news come ASAP, and the punishment is very serious, while in our countries the money and the approach are countable.
    3. The implementation of the law.
    4. Finally I can say if we hang few cases in open air and let them stay for two day, then see the results.


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