The Couple Who Never Fought During Their 25 Years of Marriage

Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


Shiloh Shepherd pup

A couple never fought during their 25 years of marriage. Their friends and neighbors envied them, but none dared to ask them the secret of their happy married life.

Eventually, Ben, a close friend of the couple coaxed the husband to reveal their secret when his wife was not around. The husband relented.

“Do you remember my dad’s pet Bongso, the Shiloh Shepherd?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Two days after we returned from our honeymoon my dad brought Bongso to our house and asked us to look after him until he returned from his business trip. As soon as my dad left, Bongso started barking at my wife. My wife did not like the dog’s attitude. She said: ‘this is your first time’, and walked out of the room.”

“Then what happened,” asked Ben.

“My wife thought the dog was hungry. She brought some biscuits from the kitchen and placed it before Bongso.”

“Did the dog eat the biscuits?”

“He did not. Instead, he started barking at her once again. My wife’s face darkened. She shouted at the dog: ‘this is your second time’, and she left the room.”

“And then …”

“After about 15 minutes she returned to the room. When the dog saw her, it started barking at her once again. My wife was furious. She hurried back to the bedroom and came out holding my hunting rifle in her hand. She loaded the gun took aim and shot the dog saying ‘there is no third time for you’.”

“Oh my God,” gasped Ben. “What did you do?” he asked the husband.

“I shouted at her: ‘You PSYCHO you killed the dog!'”

“What did your wife say?” Ben asked.

“She stared at me and said: ‘this is your first time!’ After that I never dared to raise my voice, and our life has been rosy since then!”



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