Mirror, mirror


Rob  .. by Rob




“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

“Depends what you mean by ‘fairest’, Luv. Some folk mean ‘blonde’ when they say ‘fair’. Others mean ‘just’ or ‘sporting’ or ‘egalitarian’.”

“You’re a magic mirror: I’m consulting you about beauty. Am I not the most gorgeous creature in the world?”

“I think ‘creature’ is a mistake, to be honest, Luv. This is difficult enough without getting non-species specific.”

“All right! Am I the most beautiful woman in the world then?”

“Of course you are.”

“Why ‘of course’?”

“You own me. I’ve made a judgement that you want to be the most beautiful. Therefore, you are the most beautiful.”

“But am I REALLY the most beautiful?”

“Well, I think so, of course, but these things are very subjective.”

“That’s not good enough. I want you to tell me that I’m REALLY the most beautiful.”

“You’re REALLY the most beautiful.”

“But would you still say that if I didn’t own you?”

“Of course.”

“But would you still say that if someone else owned you?”


“But wouldn’t she, your new owner, I mean, wouldn’t she want you to say that she was the most beautiful?”


“So what would you say then?”

“Look Luv, I’m doing my best here. My job is to please. I don’t know what my new owner looks like. Isn’t it enough that you’re the most beautiful owner I know?”

“Am I not the only owner you know?”

“Well, strictly speaking, yes, but I think you’re beautiful.”

“What’s the point in having a magic mirror, if I can’t get a straight answer?”

“With respect Luv, you don’t want a straight answer.”


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