Is the Real Doomsday Near?

Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj




Now that we have forgotten the uneventful December 21, 2012, can we be sure we are safe?

Today when we turn on the Television or radio, or read the newspapers, we see and hear only about Israel and Iran.

If Israel strikes Iranian nuclear sites, or Iran bombs, Israel, then what would happen? Would it not trigger the real doomsday for all of us living now on this Earth?

Iran sees Israel as its arch enemy, and it also considers Saudi Arabia as an enemy since it supplies its oil to the U.S. If Israel strikes Iran then the latter would retaliate by bombing Saudi oil fields.

I came across this video titled “The Day The World Ended” released by, a top trends research newsletter. This video simulates what could happen if Israel or Iran pulls the trigger.

In this simulation, the oil prices spike from $30 to $120 per barrel when the USA receives word that Israel has bombed Iran, and after an hour, the oil price soars up to $305, and by 9:30 AM, it rises to $450 per barrel forcing a systemic collapse of the world economy. Gold and silver become unavailable. Riots, civil unrest, force the governments to take drastic actions as a prelude to World War III.



To watch Part 2 of this simulation video visit:


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3 thoughts on “Is the Real Doomsday Near?”

  1. The real Doomsday is perhaps not far away, but then it depends how you treat time. What is a day in a year, what is an hour for a small child and an hour for an adult when he is in his twenties or when he is in his sixties? What is a thousand years in the eyes of God.

    When we listen to the Gospel, it tells about the signs we could recognize, and when we look around we see those signs becoming a reality. So yes I would say the preparation for the Big Tribulation has already started when the war began in the land of the two rivers, as was told by the prophets. Everywhere in the world we can find children who do not act as their parents wish, and who fight with each other. We also find everywhere religious groups who do not like the other religious groups and do find that the other has to vanish from this world or has to convert to their religion. Nature does not present the seasons anymore like the old theories would describe the four seasons with their specific elements. Earthquakes and other disasters augment.

    But shall it take still another ten or twenty years before World War III, the last big battle shall start? We do not know and even Jesus did not know. Only god knows.

    A believer in the God Creator shall not be afraid of it because he will trust Jehovah, the Only One God. And those who have learned to get to know the words of Jeshua (Jesus Christ, the son of God) shall trust that Master Teacher as well and follow his teachings to prepare themselves for when the moment shall be there.

    Therefore we should live in the Now and read the Word of God regularly, to be fully prepared, so that we shall be able to withstand the Great Tribulation and shall be approved of to be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God.


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