Blood Rain (Red Rain) in Sewanagala, Monaragala and Manampitiya, Polonnaruwa



.By Lyn Leahz


NOTE: No matter what the reason..God said there would be rain of blood.  Keep in mind, there WILL be physical reasons for things..just like the earthquake God used to make the walls of Jericho fall.  Let us keep in mind God said what would happen, not necessarily HOW!

Rare showers of red rain fell for over 15 minutes in Sewanagala, Monaragala and Manampitiya,Polonnaruwa yesterday morning hours of yesterday and day before yesterday. According to Meteorology Department sources red rain fell heavily in these areas and the reason has not been found yet.

Red rain in Sewanagala and Manampitiya left red frost on the ground. This is the first time red rain was witnessed in Sri Lanka. The Health Ministry Secretary informed Medical Research Institute (MRI) Director Dr Anil Samaranayake to conduct a study to ascertain the reasons for red rain by taking water samples from Monaragala and Polonnaruwa.

Increase in the acidity of the air and sand storms are the usual reasons for red rain. However, there are no sand storms in Sri Lanka. India had red rain last year and Indian scientists discovered a variety of micro organisms as a reason for the rains. Since the micro organisms had no DNA, they guessed it had to be a strange phenomenon.

The MRI is carrying out research to find the exact reason for red rain in Sri Lanka.

NOTE: The video speaks of the blood rain that fell in July…this article is another case, again, that happened the other day!

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