India Celebrates Children’s Day 2012


Today, November 14th, India celebrates Children’s Day. It is a public holiday. On this day, India remembers and honours the country’s first Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru born in 1889. The children of India fondly called him “Chacha Nehru” (Hindi: चाचा नेहरू)) or Uncle Nehru.

Jawaharlal Nehru always emphasized the importance of showering love and affection on children. He saw in them the future of India.

On Children’s Day, the Kids in India engage themselves in the fun and frolic. Various educational, cultural, social, institutions organize functions and conduct competitions for children all over the country. All schools are organizing cultural activities on this day; in most cases arranged by the children themselves. Teachers also get involved; in many schools, they sing and dance for their students. The State and the Central governments organize film festivals in many parts of the country to showcase Children’s films.

I wish all children in India “A Happy Children’s Day!”

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