Will Hurricane Sandy Become ‘The Perfect Storm’ or a ‘Frankenstorm’?

Sandy - The Perfect Storm
Sandy – The Perfect Storm

An extremely rare and dangerous storm Sandy also called “The Perfect Storm” appears to be this Halloween holiday’s distressing theme and will affect 60 million people in its path and could lead to billions of dollars in damage.

Even though the most populous cities in Sandy’s path remain many miles away the storm has already launched its devastation in the northern Caribbean. Most of the destruction in the region happens to be the result of quite heavy rainfall and flooding, with roads developing into rivers in many areas, serious damage to crops – banana crop wiped out in some parts of Jamaica.

The storm made direct landfall in Jamaica, Cuba, and Haiti. The impact across the region features massive property damage and utility outages. AP reported that almost 70 percent of Jamaica lost power as a result of the storm.

Hurricane Sandy caused this flooding in Port au-Prince, Haiti on Thursday.
Hurricane Sandy caused this flooding in Port au-Prince, Haiti on Thursday, October 25. Photo by Dieu Nailo Chery/AP

The storm models have changed in the last 24 hours. The possible storm has now become probable heading towards NYC. On Monday through Tuesday the worst of the storm can be expected. Sandy has the potential to bring historic storm surge flooding near and north of the center.

With Sandy tracking into New Jersey to New York City and Long Island, it is possible for these areas to have some of their worst coastal flooding on record. The same can be said for the Delmarva and Philadelphia areas if Sandy makes landfall farther south around the Delaware Bay and the Delmarva.

The storm’s aftermath may linger for days. On Sunday and Sunday night conditions will deteriorate from the mid-Atlantic to southern New England. The impact from heavy rain and wind would be felt hundreds of miles inland. Some neighborhoods could experience power outages for seven to ten days.

Hurricane Sandy would certainly affect major airports from Boston to Washington with New York and Philadelphia in the middle resulting in flight delays, and cancellations over a great part of the nation.

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