Keep Your Trap Shut!


Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj



One day a farm horse, fell ill. The veterinarian inspected the virus afflicted horse. He prescribed some medicines and told the farmer: “Give these medicines to your horse. If he is not better after three days let’s shoot him.”

The goat that stood outside the stable heard the conversation between the farmer and the vet.

The following day, after the farmer left giving medicine to the horse, the goat entered the stable. “You better get up and walk and pretend you are well; else they will put you to sleep,” the goat said to the horse.

On the second day after the farmer left the stable, the goat came in and said: “Come on you. Get up and walk; else you will die!”

On the third day, the Vet came to the farm. He inspected the horse. Since he did not see any improvement he told the farmer, “No hope. Let’s put him down tomorrow. If not the virus might spread and infect the other horses too.”

After the farmer and the vet went out of the stable, the goat approached the horse and said, “Listen to me my friend. It is now or never! Get up and walk!”

The horse got up with tremendous effort. After some encouragement more encouragement from the goat, he trotted and then galloped.

The farmer and the veterinarian saw the horse running in the field. “My horse, my horse, he is okay” the farmer shouted in joy.

“Yes. My medicines cured him,” blurted the stupefied vet.

The farmer said: “Let us have a grand party. Come, let us kill the goat!”Moral of the story: Do not poke your nose into the affairs of others and keep your trap shut.


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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Trap Shut!”

    1. Hello Indian Momemaker,

      Today, we live in an age where dogs eat dogs, and not in the era when Gautama, Jesus, and other great teachers lived. Jesus came to this world to be the sacrificial lamb. As a mortal, he knew that eventually he, the lamb of God, would be sacrificed.

      The goat in my story personifies the present day general public. I can remember the times I did something good for someone and burnt my fingers. I have been the good Samaritan all my life. However, in the process of helping others many have taken advantage of my kindness. Maybe these negative experiences transformed me into a cynic and prompted me to write as you say, “a cruel story that teaches that good deeds are punished.” I have woken up to reality. Maybe I am an old ‘fool’ in your dictionary!



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