Six Word Saturday – October 13, 2012 : A Do-It-Yourself Scam


Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


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Last Wednesday, I read a post titled “Opportunist” by Rob in his blog Mental Gymnastics. In it, he mentions news about a work syndicate that won three million pounds between them.

This news intrigued me. Statistically, the chances of winning a million on a one-pound bet are slim. However, by pocketing out an extra dollar, you can better the odds.

I have outlined below an easy scam to dupe your lazy, gullible friends and profit from it.

1. Organize a lottery syndicate with at least 10 members. Volunteer to handle collection and buy tickets.

2. On Saturday mornings, buy eleven lucky dips with the collected ten dollars plus an extra dollar from your pocket.

3. On Mondays scan the results for lottery. If there is a sizeable win, substitute the spare ticket with the winning ticket and pocket the loot. No-one is any the wiser.

4. Email the results to your syndicate members. The number of tickets bought matching the number of members. Everything tallies.

5. Don’t be too greedy. To keep the members interested declare the small winnings.

Soon, the number of members in your syndicate will increase. If you collect 100 dollars then buy 102 tickets and your chances of winning will be better than the chances of winning a million on a dollar.

“Why not try this scam?”

When you hit the jackpot, will you retire and leave these fools to their drudge? I don’t think you will.

However, don’t forget to send me a 1% of your winnings as royalty for this simple but great idea.

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