The Innovative Shadows of Pilobolus


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj


Pilobolus Dance Theatre “Shadowland”

The world-renowned Washington-based Pilobolus Dance Theater formed in 1971, strives to innovate something different. They blend humor, creativity and riotous visualization to take their audience beyond customary interpretation of dance.

The Japanese automaker Hyundai wanted to know whether Pilobolus could mimic an automobile without a vehicle placed on the stage. “Yes. We can”, claimed Pilobolus; and thus emerged the concept to work with shadows. At present, this world-renowned dance troupe focuses primarily on athletic and imaginative challenges with the conventional form of shadow theater.

After many years of work with shade structures, Pilobolus has established their explicit technique and forays into unprecedented aspects. With their production of “Shadowland,” the audience experiences another new dimension of shadows and dance in poetic lingering images.




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