Are you a Sexy Bachelor?



By T.V. Antony Raj


Dear Bachelors,

Most Indians believe in arranged marriages. However, mine was a love marriage.

Whatever it is, love marriage or arranged marriage, symbolically one jumps into a well or a slimy sump on the day of his marriage. Though what he jumps into being beyond his control, he may still boast it is.

I jumped into the well of marriage 47 years ago and except for a few moments I have no regrets.

You are still a bachelor. Why? Because you don’t have the courage we married guys have, and you think you are wiser than us. But I say, “you miss living in the fullness of life.”

So, get married now to a girl (of course) while you are still an eligible candidate for the post of husband before it is too late for a woman to say “No!” just looking at you.

Don’t miss your boat. Have courage and jump into the well.

Fathom first-hand how deep, pleasant or devastating married life can be apart from having sex.

Die after living a full life.


One thought on “Are you a Sexy Bachelor?”

  1. I can understand arranged marriages if there are two rival tribes coming together for peace or something like that, but arranged marriages for children who won’t even be getting married for another decade or so is something I have never understood.


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