Photography of Abir Abdullah of Bangladesh.


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj


Abir Abdullah

Abir Abdullah was born in 1971 in Bagerhat in Southern Bangladesh. He obtained a masters degree in Marketing (M. Com.) from Dhaka University, before taking up photography.

He completed a basic course in photography from the Bangladesh Photographic Institute in 1993.

From 1996 to 2005, he worked as a staff photographer at Drik Picture Library. He also took on an assignment as a Photography Tutor at the Pathshala South Asian Media Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In 1999, as a student of the first batch from Pathshala – South Asian Media Academy, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he completed a diploma course in photojournalism.

Blink, Time, Newsweek, Der Speigel, New Internationalist, Guardian, Stern, Geo, International Herald Tribune, Asiaweek, Elmundo, and many others have published his photographs.

He is mainly interested in photography that deal in social, environmental, and political issues.

Abir Abdullah is currently locatied in Dhaka , Bangladesh and is working in the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) as Bangladesh correspondent.

DESIGNATION: Photojournalist, European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) Vice Principal, Pathshala South Asian Media Academy,


  • Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography Awards for ‘ Freedom Fighters: Veterans of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971’ works in 2001.
  • Nomination photo award from humanity photo award in China- 1999.
  • Highly recommended photo award from Commonwealth photo contest in 1999 and 2000.
  • Nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass by World Press Photo Foundation in 2001.
  • Overall winner Phaidon 55 Photography competition in 2001.
  • 1st prize from WHO photo contest in Switzerland, 2002.
  • Third place in the Gordon Parks photo contest in USA in 2002.
  • 2nd prize, Unicef Photographer of the year contest 2004, Germany.
  • 3rd Prize in the Magazine News category in the Best of Photojournalism Contest from USA 2005.
  • 1st Prize in the SAJA ( South Asian Journalists association) Photo Award 2005.
  • Honorable mention in the National Geographic All Roads Photography project in 2005.
  • 1st prize portrait category in the Asian Press Photo contest in 2006 and 2007.

[Click on the above photo to view Abir Abdullah’s work – “Cyclone Survivors”]


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