Be a Lion in your homeland, spit and shit anywhere you want – Part 2: Clamped


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj


After living and working for three years in the US, my young friend Joe is now back in India. The emails he sent me prompted me to write a series of articles titled Be a Lion in your homeland, spit and shit anywhere you want”. 

Dear Uncle Raj,

Greetings from Joe!

I’m writing this email to share my experiences with you on how one’s hands are clamped from being more responsible towards one’s civic duty and feel ashamed about the same.

Last night after having checked-out from the hotel in Singasandra, Bengaluru, I was on a cab towards Yevantpur station to board my train back to Chennai.

A few km after we left the hotel on the road, there was an accident scene. A motorist hit and run by some vehicle.

People surrounded, watching and gazing as to how the fellow-human being is gonna pass-away. I could hardly make out the age of the victim, but I could see the nerves from his hands and body throwing his entire body from the ground to a li’l above seeking help.

I asked the cab driver if he could call the ambulance or do something, who in turn responded, “Sir, these things happen quite normal every day. so nothing to worry, someone will take care of him”.

I was shocked on one hand but felt more shameful on the other hand that I felt so helpless in the situation. I couldn’t walk out of my comfort zone to hop off the car and help him too, as I was on the rush to the train station to board the train.

The car had to take a detour (basically a long u-turn after a mile and a half), whilst still, I looked-out thro’ the window to see if the victim sought some help, but couldn’t make out what happened.

If only there was civic sense, that poor victim of the accident would have immediately been taken by medical services.

Love & Prayers



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