The 5 million Tire Fire in Jahra, Kuwait

Um Khaloodie

Aliyah woke up- like always I lift my phone and while I’m feeding her, to keep me awake I browse twitter-
I was horrified to see that the 5 million tyres at Jahra that was so heavily in the media a few days ago are now on fire… That’s arson if ever I saw it…
Massive amounts of tyres on fire bel jahra! one tweeter writes… ‘looking to be the biggest fire/worst enviornmental effects in Kuwait since Saddam’- great four our health!
Here’s the hasgtag on twitter! #حريق_رحية


This is a huge catastrophe, one sit saying that the smoke will be visible up to 70km away by sunrise. That’s not good, not good at all….. What a huge catastrophe to the environment…. The air here is dirty enough with the oil/dust etc etc etc, now we are all at risk of a bunch of stuff.
Tires are made of rubber…

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