Better be a Lion…




Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


The gist of the story, I have retold here, has gone on the rounds over the web for some time. I don’t know who the original author was. However, here we go…

Not long ago at a zoo in Asia there was a young lion that stood erect and proud. He commanded the respect of his fellow cell mates and all other animals in the zoo. Visitors to the zoo admired him for what he was – the king of the jungle. Even so, the dirty living quarters and meager meat just enough for sustenance frustrated him.

One fine day, an offer came from a US Zoo to the lion.

On arrival in the US, the young lion roared with pleasure when he saw his cell with facilities for an all year round environment – centrally air-conditioned to ward off both summer heat, and the chilly winter.

After the lion settled down they brought him food in an attractive sanitized parcel. A new experience for him. In his country, the meat was just thrown on the dirty floor.

The hungry lion opened the parcel in a hurry. He got a shock when he saw that the parcel contained only bananas. He became angry and wanted to roar out his disappointment. Being intelligent, he restrained himself for he thought the US zoo management cared much for his health, and they knew better.

The time for his next meal came. Again they delivered bananas wrapped in an attractive sanitized bag. Day in and day out they gave him only bananas.

After a few days, the lion, now lean and hungry, trembled with fury, lost its wits, and unable to control himself roared constantly at the zoo attendants.

A visitor seeing the lion’s fury and the bananas in front of him, asked the zoo manager, “Don’t you know that he is a lion, king of the jungle? Why don’t you give him meat instead of bananas?

The manager politely said, “Sir, I know that he is the king of the jungle, but he came here on a monkey’s visa!

Moral: Better be a Lion in your own country than being a Monkey in US!

I do not want to end this narrative right here.


You know very well that a coin has two sides.

A few days ago, I came across a post in Anilyzed titled, I am moving back to India. For Good! Good Bye America. I Love You!

I recommend Anil’s article to all people in Asian countries who aspire to come to the US, but have doubts in their mind about their future in this country.


Because, I feel that this story about the lion was originally written, out of frustration by a cynic who was not able to get an entry into US or into any other foreign country.

My wife and I are now here in the US for some time. Though, I love India, I can’t resist endorsing the Anil’s point of view. Humorously and sarcastically, he has analyzed the way of life in the two countries – US and India. This person has not only stepped on but also has rolled on the grass, here in the US.