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Cliquez ici pour la version française de cet article intitulé: “Société des loteries de l’Ontario Escroquerie“.


Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


Today, I received an email that said:

“The Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLC) is proud to inform you that you have won US $800,000 (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLAR), why you have won? Your email address was among those chosen from our Java-based software that randomly selects email addresses from the web from which winners are selected.”

I understand, this email purportedly sent by “Ontario Lottery Corporation” and similar ones from “Canada Lottery Corporation” have been floating around on the net since early 2011. Nevertheless, it has taken a bit too long to reach me.

Let us analyze this email from “O.L.C. Board” with the subject “MESSAGE FROM ONTARIO CORPORATION.”

1. First of all, this letter has obviously been written by someone who doesn’t speak native English. Example: why you have won?

2. Would an official email from the Ontario Lottery contain errors like these?

Your winning price is to the tune of
Congratulations once again from all our staff’s

3. Although there is a legitimate lottery in Canada, it works like the lotteries in the United States, with each province selling their own tickets. But why is this Ontario Lottery picking the winners by email?

4. Why is the Ontario Lottery paying the prize in US Dollars?

5. Why did the letter come to me as a graphic instead of text? To bypass spam filters of course.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is an Operational Enterprise Agency created by the Government of Ontario. OLG and its affiliated companies employ more than 18,000 people throughout the province. They are responsible for 24 gaming sites and sales of lottery products at about 10,000 retail locations across the Province of Ontario.

This is what I found on their website OLG cautioning the public not to become prey to these types of scams.

“Have you received unsolicited emails, letters, or telephone calls asking you to pay taxes or fees on lottery winnings? Read the fraud indicators below for tips to identify and avoid lottery fraud and scams.

Fraud Indicators

    • You did not buy a ticket.
    • You have never heard of the lottery game.
    • You did not register your name, address, email address, phone number, and a credit card before buying a ticket on an online lottery website.
    • You do not live in the country (in this case CANADA), and you are not a citizen of the country of that lottery.
    • You are asked to pay money up front for fees or taxes to release your “win.”
    • You are told you must reply within a given time or the money will be given to someone else.

Added on Friday, December 7, 2012:

Today, I received yet another email containing the following purportedly sent by the Ontario Lottery Corporation:

From: OLC <ON@ca.olc>
to undisclosed recipients

Kindly see the attached.
Monica Taylor

OLC again




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288 thoughts on “Ontario Lottery Corporation Scam

  1. Today this morning I got am email about olc lottery wining u$800000.from contact no 13057128052.what the hell is this and why dnt they select usa uk other countries …

  2. Hi friends,
    My wife also received this email too, this is totally scam please do not send any your information to them. May be this is a big mafia and harm you in future.

  3. We understand Of course its a fake email, its come gradually and continuously , want to know , what is the benefit of this email to sender, and why its come mostly USA address and no buddy take Action, who are behind of this kind of email, looks some big Mafia is behind them, thats why no buddy stop this kind of email Fraud, Its mean this kind of people have License to Fraud and make Crimes. How they get our email address or hacked without any trouble, may be they have some hands involve in our email database agents people. what is correct no buddy response us, or take actions of this kind of email, While everyone knows email accountant knows where the generate this kind of emails.

  4. OLC lottery emails are just fraud and time killing, so unsubscribe while you receive such kind of emails. be aware from international fraud gang.

    Sardar Muhammad Munir Islamabad

  5. Dear friends, i have noticed something. When I activated facebook after long time I received this email. That means there is some information they are taking from our facebook account. Beware, no fool will give so much money to someone who doesn’t even participate in the lottery.

  6. Hi Everybody,
    I received same email. Lucky me. I am not claiming my $800,000 LOL. These people are scammers. Don’t believe in this Bullshit. Pure waste of time. These scammers should shove $$$ up their **** ass.

  7. its a fake Email i also got today the same ontario lottery ……the cyber crime department should take strict action against them.

  8. Sina Shahanaghi ; Student ; Islamic Repoblic Of IRAN
    I received this E-mail yesterday as a picture. I am Muslim and lottery is taboo in our religion. I noticed that It is bullshit, because of my chance. One of my relatives lost more than 500$ in these internet crimes and Google must stop these crimes.
    Thank You.

  9. I got it today. Why can’t USA government Internet Security Division block these kind of emails.?

    And should take legal action against them.


  10. Well everyone is looking for easy money…..
    look around you all the rich people in this world never became rich over night hard work and dedication…..

    why a company would pay you in millions for no reason.
    use your top floor which is called brain….. and Allah (GOD) kept this on top of our body for some reason.

    never believe such e-mail. or letter.



  11. Am from Nigeria, and I got a text of ontario lottery..winning, and it was sent tomy mail though in text and gave me a winner number, could this be true someone pls help me, does Nigeria win cannada lotteries.?

    • Hello Someone,

      My advice to you would be: “Please do not send reply to this mail! ”

      This reminds me of an age-old saying in my mother tongue Tamil: “கொல்லன் தெருவில் ஊசி விற்ற கதை…” (“kollan theruvil oosi vitra kathai…). Translated roughly into English it would mean “Story of selling a needle in the street of blacksmiths…”

      These emails are just preludes to one of the most common types of confidence trick known as the ‘Nigerian Scam’, ’419 Scam’, ‘Advance Fee Scam’, ‘Black Money Scam’, ‘FIFO Fraud’, ‘Spanish Prisoner Scam’, and by many other names.

      Earlier, scammers used traditional mail and fax to perpetrate this form of scam. Now, after the advent of the internet and mobile phones, email and SMS are used blatantly.

      The number “419″ refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud. In Chapter 35 – ”Offences analogous to Stealing” under the laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Article 419 reads as follows:

      419. Any person who by any false pretense, and with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person anything capable of being stolen, or induces any other person to deliver to any person anything capable of being stolen, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for three years.

      If the thing is of the value of one thousand Naira or upwards, he is liable to imprisonment for seven years.

      It is immaterial that the thing is obtained or its delivery is induced through the medium of a contract induced by the false pretence.

      The offender cannot be arrested without warrant unless found committing the offence.

      (1) Any person who by any false pretence or by means of any other fraud obtains credit for himself or any other person-

      (a) in incurring any debt or liability; or
      (b by means of an entry in a debtor and creditor account between the person giving and the person receiving credit, is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years

      (2) The offender cannot be arrested without warrant unless found committing the offence.

      419B. Where in any proceedings for an -offence under section 419 or 419A it is proved that the accused-

      (a) obtained or induced the delivery of anything capable of being stolen; or
      (b) obtained credit for himself or any other person, by means of a cheque that, when presented for payment within a reasonable time, was dishonoured on the ground that no funds or insufficient funds were standing to the credit of the drawer of the cheque in the bank on which the cheque was drawn, the thing or its delivery shall be deemed to have been obtained or induced, or the credit shall he deemed to have been obtained, by a false pretence unless the court is satisfied by evidence that when the accused issued the cheque he had reasonable grounds for believing, and did in fact believe, that it would be honoured if presented for payment within a reasonable time after its issue by him.

      While the scam is not limited to Nigeria, the nation has become associated with this fraud and it has earned a reputation for being a center of email scam crimes. Other nations known to have a high incidence of advance-fee fraud include Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, South Africa, Russia, Pakistan, India, the United States, the Netherlands, and Spain.

      Please read my article “Did You Receive Any Scam E-Mail Lately? Did You Respond to It?” – http://tvaraj.com/2013/12/29/did-you-receive-any-scam-e-mail-lately-did-you-respond-to-it/

  12. I am from Pakistan. I just received the email and was so surprise to see this type of bullshit. are they really believe that people are so fool, will believe them. Anyway just wanted to double check what is the story behind and ended up with this messages thread where effected people left their comments. well done all it helps so many people. do contribute. bless you

  13. They are thieves. They are liers if response to them. They want 675$ as an transfer fees then require some tax which is calculated by fault to allow again to withdraw money. Take care from them. They stole me but I gave them an account which is free of any money.

  14. I received the same spam yesterday and have contacted OLG with a message regarding this. I am glad to have recognised it as a fake but I wonder how many have been affected by it. It’s ridiculous.

  15. They sent me the exact same graphic. They can send these to anyone on Gmail knowing that almost every combination of letters has already been used up by users of a Gmail address.
    In fact it is easy to discover these when you apply for a gmail account: Google, of course, lets you know if an address has already been taken!

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  18. I got a similar email on my gmail account and can only assume they got my email address from facebook selling email lists. We should all leave facebook, and free messenger chats that have access to your mobile phone because they are getting your free information on all of your friends and selling the information to scam people and mafia people.

  19. Naka tanggap po ako ng ganyang sulat mula sa ONTARIO LOTTERY CORPORATION,at ibinigay ko ang lahat ng impormasyon mula sa akin sa sulat na ibinigay sakin..
    Ngayon, nag tataka ako,kung bakit kailangan mag bayad ng pera,bago makuha ang price..
    ngayon,ni research ko ang banko,at nalaman ko na totoo ang banko nila, na “Standard Chartered Bank” ay totoo,.
    subalit hindi parin maalis sakin isipan namag isip ng negatibo,kaya,ni research ko ang salitang “Ontario Lottery Corporation” at biglang lumabas ang salitang “scam”
    at hindi ko akalain,na parehong pareho ng sulat nyo,sa sulat ko..
    ngayon ay masasabi kung scam nga po ito…sa mga Pilipinong nakareseived ng email na ganito,sana ay wag po kayo maniwala.. sana lang ay,maisip nyo na hindi lamang kayo ang naloko kundi pati ako..kaya kung maari lang po ay,i blocked nyo nalang ang taong yoon o dikaya, i deactivate nyo ang account nyo.. Maraming Salamat, at nagpapasalamat po ako sa taong nag lakas Loob upang sabihin ang katutuhanan..
    mula sa Pilipinas,Maynila…ako po si Daniel Lem nag sasabing Mabuhay ka Kaibigang Antony Raj!


  20. I have also received an email from there . when i see first time , then i realize that it is a fraud email.i did not response it. thanks for suggest to all.

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  22. Hola a todos yo también lo recibi ! muchas gracias por este informacion que me ayudo muchisimo ! hay que parar esos locos que creeen que pueden enganar la gente . beno gracias de nuevo !

  23. I received email from :

    This was received a few hours ago. Obviously a scam. What I want to figure out is how these people are getting my email address as I am very careful as to who gets this particular email address.
    I have been receiving similar emails over the past two weeks in rapid succession. The ONLY way in which I have used this address in the past month is to book rental cars in Florida. Maybe the rental car companies are selling their email lists? Someone mentioned ebay but I have not used ebay with this email address.

  24. I received this email this morning and it was a ray of hope.
    Called the number , no answer, checked the sending emailing address which was returned as failed. Why would a Canadian Lottery email someone from Dade County Fl.
    My Mother used to receive all these scam emails and prizes. They prey on the senior citizens and the gullible. Next they’ll be asking to send a check to cover the income tax on the 800 K
    Don’t fall for this scam

  25. Please sir i had a massage that i have won $800 dollars .and am not clear with your provitions can u explain things to me well please.

  26. I got one from OLC. Please note that the real lottery letters are OLG, not OLC as in the email… beware, this is definitely a scam.

  27. I also got such kind of email on 29 August 2013. But ‘Why you have won?’ was not included in that mail. Thanks for above comments

  28. I received a mail at 14/08/2013 that I have wined $800 000.00 in OLC. Yesterday they wanted $800 to sand the prize money.
    Thank you very much to alert me from danger.
    - Rathindra

  29. Got the same email scam in Slovenia,I don’t know how they found my email,I never buy anything online.These guys represent themselves as OLC,wich actualy don’t exist.The real name is OLG or OLGC -Ontario lottery and gaming corp.- wonder what’s their comment about this.

  30. Hello my name is Haris Srdanović.
    I also get the email but i geted it since 8 august and i read it now..Please somebody give mi instructions what should I do !!!

    • Dear Haris…. don’t follow the scam, those are thieves, they need all your documents so that they can know where to start ,if you reply you are stolen, can you think your self did you conduct such a thing? how can you win why, be care my friend

  31. Hola a todos yo también recibí un correo deberíamos hacerles una muy buena broma y también debería haber una autoridad informática para denunciar estos estafadores que con seguridad algunas personas podrían caer en ese engaño.

  32. Received two copies about two minutes apart about three hours ago this morning. FROM: O-L-C.BOARD@ONTARIO-CORP.jhgyt5432189bvcxzmn.CA

    It’s pretty laughable with it’s method and mistakes. My email address was incorrect, but due to the service I use it ‘auto-completed’ the incorrectly formatted address into the “correct” one to deliver it to my inbox. I just googled “ontario lottery corporation” to see what type of scam it was and how well-known. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be reporting it as a phishing scam … just wanted to research background information on it. About 12 of the top 15 links in the search results give fairly detailed information on the scam.

    Hard to imagine these types of scams are still being used today, but clearly they are effective enough to generate money. immediately googled up US federal websites (FTC, FBI, etc.) and submitted multiple reports. It’s international fraud. The more information that can be provided to international agencies, and the faster, to sooner these vermin can be tracked down and arrested.

  33. Dan,Kenya,Africa
    The email i received is too official yet i have’nt heard of OLC befofe.
    The email was informing of a win,am amazed.

  34. I received the same email in Taiwan today(2013-08-18). For curiously, I reply their email. And they want contact the people in HSBC, South Africa for payment. Fortunately, I seeing all your comments. But I feel regret to provide my name and telephone number to them. Hope it will have no harm to me.

  35. Also received this email. Just curious…. did any of you order anything from ebay sometime before getting this email? The only thing I can think of that I did differently to receive this email from out of the blue is that I had ordered a few things from ebay and am wondering if one of the sellers is running this scam on the side!?

    • Cause if so, then maybe we can compare seller info and finally stop this guy!? I personally think everyone who scams other people out of their hard earned money should be locked up for life! I mean seriously, what has happened to this planet of people that we would rather flip someone off these days rather than send a friendly wave!? Without getting into too big of debate, we need to get back to our founding principals and return to policies from the long missed Reagan years (wonderful days!). Remember the adage, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.”? Well, if that don’t sum up the events after his terms, I don’t know what does!

      • I have just started shopping on ebay a couple of weeks ago and got this email today so there might be something in what you say ??

  36. When it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.
    Before I got the OLC message, I got an SMS notification that I won a Zillion.
    I even began to hope until I got a mail from someone else that I won another 140000$.
    That was too much. You may perchance defy the laws of statisics once but not twice in a row.
    Back to real life.

  37. I got email…telling i win…but i don’t know just get shock though…because i never win such things like this in my life…hiw i wish it is true:)…scam left up heart sometimes…but the suddenly makes sad:(
    thank you for the scammer..you make me sad….
    from philippines

  38. I am a Nigeria but currently in Ivorycoast, i got the same message with a similar ref number, i obviously knew it was fraud because i didnt apply for any of such and i strongly believe that nothing good comes easy especially in this form. thanks for the good work and more power to your Elbow!! Keep it Up!!!!

  39. I live on kenya and ave never participated in any form of lottery .Ave received tnis three times now and ave never paid attention to it coz I dont believe in free money.Ave always had to work realy hard inorder to earn a living,tiz unfortunate that some pple want to reap where they didnt saw.Thanks for your wise counsel.God bless U.

    • Today I received the same email…
      I live in Italy and never heard this Ontario Lottery before…
      Of course it’s a spam…
      It would be wonderful win a thousands of dollars in such easy way…

  40. i received one message ontario lottery corporation . you won $ 800000000 …… i did not now. . . . .how to cash ….. plz help me . . . . . . . . my winning reference no…… olc7328ca2012 . . .

  41. I am a resident of Ontario, Canada and I have now received three of these emails stating winnings of $800,000 US each having different ID #’s. I am posting this because I appreciate that so many people have taken the time to record this scam. I also will now mark as ‘spam’ so they stop arriving in my email box.

  42. Received email stating I had won $800,000.00 US DOLLARS from the Ontario Lottery Corporation. Contact number is a Florida area code and I have registered my cell phone in any contest. Was checking the letter out on internet And ran into same letter and same reference and winner #. Scammmmmm

  43. I just received a form by e-mail very similar to first one pictured in this blog. While pleased that I had “won” the lottery – I of course was immediately suspicious. Having neither purchased a ticket nor registered in any way that I could recall – I knew it had to be a scam of some proportion. Reading on the net of the pitfalls of actually doing something about it i.e. respond to the letter – my plans for a nice flat in Toronto or some other place have evaporated. Well, just have to get up to to to work tomorrow as usual. Cheers!

  44. I just received that email myself. Thank you. The first thing I thought was y would someone just send me money for no reason. I havn’t signed up for anything.

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  46. Hey guys,
    Today I recieved an email which goes like this:
    The Ontario Lottery Corporation (O.L.C) is proud to inform you that you have won US$850,000.00 ( EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS). Your e-mail address was among those chosen from our java-based software that randomly selects email addresses from the web from which winners are selected, you do not have to by ticket as this is a random selection for our internet base promotion.
    Your e-mail address have won in this promotion and we wish to congratulate you. Your winning price is to the tune of Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars.

    Thanks for the posts guys. It really saved me. Stupid scammersss!!!!!

    • I am a Tanzanian and I got the same email but if I look the email to my fiend every thing is the same, what scam is this???

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  50. I also received the exact email, with the exact company, winning reference, file no, from the sender :

    I never trust kind of this email. I guess it’s the same email like I ever received couple years ago, Which is saying about some amount of money in a bank account from someone who’s already passed away.

    I just don’t understand why there’s still people whose trying to fraud somebody else by sending this kind of email? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  51. Am receiveing these types of scam on each and every day…..not only in the name of OLG..there are from microsoft,google,yahoo.maruthi.and so on fed up of these scam.WTF is this…..

  52. received the same message today and had similar questions,especially on the amount I have purportedly won.thanks for your posts,they are helpful.

  53. Eu recibi uma carta de inglês , que veio 8.000.00 milhões de dólares , eu fiz um cadastro de Ontario lotery Corporation ,eu preciso preencher a cart ,oque eu faco?

  54. Just received one also. Received one in 2011 and ignored it as a scam. Today I decided to check online to see if such a company exists at all. Was not surprised to come across this site which confirms it as a scam. What is amazing is the reference nos have not changed at all- exactly the same as the one you have here : Winning ref no; OLC7328CA2012 & File No: CA644 !!

  55. Hola soy de Guatemala y recibi este correo el día de hoy….

    Today I have recieved the same email i am from Guatemala…

    so this is scam?

    • I received one email from OLC. I didn’t know that right or wrong and I have replied this email. Please tell me what can I should to do? If wrong it should be declared as Internet Crime and should be stopped immediately. Thanks. I am ZAKIR from Bangladesh.
      If any call 01817146196
      Thanks you

  56. hi. i received one email from OLC. i didnt know that right or wrong and i have replied this email. please tell me what i shoud do? thanks you. i am huy from Viet Nam.

  57. Received the exact same mail on Saturday. I in general don’t pay attention to them since I get similar ones every few days. Mark them as spam and then they automatically land in the appropriate folder. =) There’s a lot of those mails going around trust me on that one……. Sunny greetings from Namibia

  58. I am from Bangladesh.I think it is a process of cheating the student of poor countries,Please do not cheat with the student of 3rd world country because they are poor by birth.

  59. I received this email today and I have to admit coming from a 3rd world country with plans on getting married and being poor it excites me,c’mon thats US$800,000 for a moment I thought it was for real. I’m just poor but I aint no dumb so I did some research over the web and stumbled on websites like these. This crooks are not getting anything from me try someone else! – 3rdWorldMafia from the Philippines

  60. Hello:-)
    I have recieved the same email yesterday.
    I was cheated few years before by this kind of fake people. I lost some amount of money also.
    Online tourist visa process. I was followed through online. I sent money to Canada.
    Now I dont believe anymore this kind of email.
    Someone should take to tackle the problem.
    I want to take action regarding online cheating.
    Anyone can help me please.

  61. I’ve just received same mail from Canada —> “ON.LO.CO <mamobi@emich.edu" However, don't give them your personal details! Regards from Slovenia. :)

    • yes, just received one also. the mamobi@emich.edu is the email address of a student at eastern michigan university. Mark Donald Kanayochukwu Amobi (tracked through emich website) is either the culprit for mine or has been become a victim himself as he is being shown as sender. Regards from United Kingdom.

  62. Hi there. Never heard about this, but I have received this mail about an hour ago, and then another one right now from the same people with a slightly different reference. I’m already getting tired of this rubbish. :) Writing from Barcelona, Spain. Thanks for the post!

  63. I have received the same mail today. Since I have another experience of such happening I did not reply. I just tried to know about the scam. So here I am…..

    • Sorry as I forgot. Thanks for creating the website. Or else I would start thinking AM I MISSING IT. However I am from Bangladesh.

  64. I too received exactly the same email 28 02.2013 from OLC was signed by same Stve Howard is a 800000 US $ and me ?
    1. Stve Howard is a Stupid people
    2. Stve Howard crime should be stopped immediately
    3.CANADIAN GOVT. should do something against these crime & Stve Howard criminals.I am from Iran

  65. I am from India and received this mail today! It’s amazing that a scam in progress since 2011 is still going strong and cannot be curtailed!

  66. i’m from Galicia and i received one yesterday. Is there any way to report this? O.L.C knows anything about this fraud?

  67. my name asim khan This email was very shocking for me because its tooo big amount i thing its not fear.but god knows better on said:

    my name asim khan
    This email was very shocking for me because its tooo big amount. I think its not fear.but god knows better

  68. OMG….. thank you so much for the info. I just got that email and was like wtf???? Can believe this is still going on! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  69. This continually is amazing to me just how Blog owners for example your self can find some time and also the commitment to carry on Crafting excellent posts your website http://tvaraj.com/2012/08/15/ontario-lottery-corporation-scam/ is excellent and one of my own have to read personal blogs, I’d been more than amazed with the post Ontario Lottery Corporation Scam | Impressions I simply want to say thanks and well done Kind regards Natasha

  70. I too received exactly the same email 14.02.2013 from OLC was signed by same Stve Howard is a 800000 US $ and me ?

    1. Stve Howard is a Stupid people
    2. Stve Howard crime should be stopped immediately
    3.CANADIAN GOVT. should do something against these crime & Stve Howard criminals.

    • Hello Hussain,

      I do not think that a person by the name Steve Howard really exists. In all probability it is a fictitious name.

      My advice would be that anyone who receives such scam letters should immediately recognize it as a fake, grit their teeth and refrain from pursuing the matter any further.

    • I also received this massage on ma email by the same person Steve Howard this month informing me of how am a lucky winner of this amount (800 000 US Dollars) and i think that the email was sent on the 14 of march.
      Besides when u call the number it is not answered

  71. Hellow ! I´m from Brazil and today when I open my e-mail i have a big surprise… I received that email…. Thank you for this post! Was very helpful!

  72. Wow, this is all over the world. At least every know a little more about Canada now; that we have a Provence called Ontario. The number on my “Winning” letter is from Rhode Island, USA. While Ontario houses the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, it would not be using a bank in South Africa.

    These kind of scams have been around for so long. On my first read I was reminded of an old friend of my family who almost paid out money to receive a million dollars. If it were not for the wise and caring bank teller who refused to give her the money, the man waiting just outside the bank would have been $10,000 richer. It was her second time to fall for this!

    The fact that this scam is still around after 2 years tells me that they have been very successful and that there are many people out there who would give anything to get money; even money!

    Keep your life free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Heb 13:5.

    Sad for all of those who do not yet get this, even as I am learning deeper about it myself. All the best to you World.

    Thanks Tvaraj. Good job. Thanks for caring.


  73. HI,I hav also received this email instantly i thought of some fraud then i search it in google where i found many comments posted regarding the fraud of OLC .the only cnfusion is where frm they got my email Id.so be cautious .

    • Yes, this is Bruce I received the same email. So i called Mr. Steve Howard. The phone rang about 50 times and changed ringtones three times as they changed hubs so they cant be tracked. its diffidently a scam

    • I too received exactly the same email today morning and the sender was OLC and was signed by some Steve Howard.. 800,000 US $ and me ??? :-)) stupid people..

  74. I hv got ds mail dipicting about d winning prize..such a huge amount i got suspisious abt ds site nd when searched dn i cnfrmed it was spam..nthng else:-P
    so be careful about dese type of mails…

  75. The moment i saw that mail, i figured out it was a spam! How can an organisation give away such a hefty amount to anyone! Also,i noticed that the same message had been sent a number of other recipients. I immediately “googled” OLC n found that it was indeed a spam! Clever me! :-P ….i see that the spam is very widespread…….people from various countries have recieved this e-mail!

  76. i am in the U.S, i just got the email today, i know it was a scum but i just want to know what happens next and how they gain anything out of it.

    • Hello William,

      You will get the answer to your query if you read the observation by Neil who has commented before you, and many others who have commented before him.

  77. I have won the Ontario Lottery!!! I am just waiting for the details of the account to which I must send the $842.20 Release Fees for my winnings to be sent to my Australian Bank Account. WOW, how lucky? I didn’t even know there was palace called Ontario let alone a Lottery!

    Big thanks to CIBC! The bank that has my money ready to send! Give Roxanne Du Preez there a big kiss for me, she is Director of International Transfer/Forex there at CIBC.

    Do you really think us Aussies are soo dumb!

    • Ok, “such a place as Ontario”. What amazes me is that CIBC are allowing this to happen.
      Wait till you all win an Australian email Lottery! You get a free Kangaroo or a Salty Crock thrown in too!

      • On FOX I saw that in Canada, Police will seize and search vehicles for marijuana and after they find your stash they take it, give you a small fine and let you go. Mmmmm. No 15 years jail, no community service or drug rehab, take it and let you go with a traffic fine. Ha, no wonder the Canadian Police allow Lottery scams! Its all a big laugh when your hi.

  78. on Feb 16,2013 I have also received such emails that I have won 800000 US$ from OLC, whereas I didn’t buy any tickets n not even know abt OLC.
    when I checkd it’s website there was really announcement of such amount pasted on. I just replied to OLC complain Agent to check how they r making fools ,He forwarded me another email to contact to another person from African charterd bank.After contacting him, he sent me remittance form of standard charterd to transfer ds amount in my account.I m a Muslim n such type of lottery r haram in our religion.

    OLC should do something against these cyber criminals .

  79. Aslam-o-Alakum!
    I have received too this type of letter yesterday. i don’t know what to do but what’s happened let’s see.

  80. Sir.
    I have recievd an email on the name of you that saying u have won the price of worth 100 thousand US doller, & asking for providing personal information so i want a confirmation from you that is it true? plz give me reply i will be very oblige to you. Regards Hussain

    • I received one email from OLC. I didn’t know that right or wrong and I have replied this email. Please tell me what I should do? Thanks you too. I am ZAKIR from Bangladesh. If any call 01817146196

  81. I just recieved the very same email on my gmail-account. I’m a citizen of Maldives and upon receipt I did Google and with the first click I found this blog. Most surprisingly I received the very same email with same Winning Reference no and file no. Thanks for the tips!

  82. OLÁ


    • Marcio,

      Bem-vindo ao meu site.

      O que você diz é 100% verdadeiro. Nada está acima de bordo destes dias. Então, nós temos que ter cuidado. Diga a seus amigos para não cair neste golpe.

  83. On january the 21st I received the same message from the OLC. I’m from the Netherlands. Just curious for the next step, I send a message back. I got another contact person from the Chartered Bank in South Africa and he wil ask you to fill a “remittance form”. This is were I stopped with this email contact.
    Thank you all for the information on this site.

  84. What the hell
    I got same email today (20 jan 2013)and guess what it was dated 2012 dang and they are supposed to trap people come on
    Well good for people
    I m wondering what is law doing for these types of frauds,scams what is the role of cyber police are they supposed to sit and watch?why every time people are supposed to take care
    I think a ethical hacker can easily take them down

  85. Pingback: Société des loteries de l’Ontario Escroquerie « Impressions

  86. malheureusment mon frere il a envoyer son details boncaire a cette bank imperial of comerce et ils ont dit pour lui envoyer 842.20 dolars pour faire les details de transfer
    maintenent que diot le faire

    • Bonjour Yohas,

      Est ton frère d’un adulte? Vous n’avez pas votre frère, même réfléchir un instant avant d’envoyer ses coordonnées bancaires à ces coquins? N’avait-il pas consulter ses amis ou google à ce sujet? Demandez-lui d’alerter sa banque.

      J’ai également écrit ce même article en français également intitulé “Société des loteries de l’Ontario Escroquerie”. Voici le lien: http://tvaraj.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/societe-des-loteries-de-lontario-escroquerie/

      Dites à vos amis et connaissances à lire cet article en français et demandez-leur attention et ne pas tomber à ce type d’escroquerie et d’autres comme celui-ci.

      Espérons que rien de mal ne lui arrive.

  87. Salut tout le monde, j’ai aussi reçu cette e-mail je suis d’originaire Tunisienne et vraiment j’ai surpris comment ils peuvent obtenir mon e-mail se sont des grandes arnaques.merci pour vos conseils

  88. I live in China and I’m just really surprised that I received something like this, haha. Knew this was a scam, but I was really worried that it might turn out to be a virus of some sort, so I came searching on the Internet…

  89. Hello Johnstone,

    Didn’t you know that this is a scam? I think you forwarded the information because you are curious of the outcome.

    Did you send true information about yourself? If you have done so then be careful and act wisely from now onwards. Don’t get swindled by these rogues..

    I don’t know how old you are. However, please remember this: “You have to earn your wealth with your own toil and sweat; and there is nothing free in this world!”

  90. Am from Malawi and réceived the same message on 30 November, by Mrs Vannessa and refered me to Mr Bruce Morgan and have forwarded the relevant information to him waiting the next step.

  91. Hello and hi everyone!!

    Today i also received this bullshit type email form OLC…I am residing in Saudi arabia .and i am very much curious to know that how these idiot people make men fool…and how they get our email address!!!


  93. got mines today. knew right away it was a scam so i replied to the scammer and said ‘take that $8000,000. and shove it up your you know what or i’ll do it for you’.

  94. hi i’m from south africa and also got this email what alot off bullshit going on the internet winning the lotto with your email off a country that are far away

  95. I got the email this morning I’m from Ontario Canada so at first I was pretty stoked but after reading the letter realized its a scam

  96. am from Uganda, and it was on Saturday at 8:01am when i received such a message from a document in the address of Ontario Lottery Corporation(OLC) and was very excited about it, which forced me to reply but until now i have not received any replies.
    It was from no-reply@infodesk.ca and was required to send it to e.cardwell@cdept.org.
    its was very tricky because it was not spam, therefore felt it was very right.

  97. Hi i am from Kenya and i also received the same email from Mrs.Vanessa Taylor ADMIN SEC and she reffered
    me to Mr.Bruce M organ the processing manager.

  98. hi, i’m shella from Indonesia. i received that scam today, and feel worry, and i’m googling, very thankfull to read this post. Thank you Mr.Tvaraj… i want share your post to my friends.

    • Ha… ha… ha….. A lot of people received thie email. I’m from Indonesia and received this emali on 24 November 2012. Thanks Mr. Tvaraj for your share.

  99. They send me the same email this morning thank you for your help. i even send them my name and my number so i decided to check the web site and see what going on and find this.

  100. Hi…I am from the Philippines – I received the same email today and knew right from the sender’s email add that it was just one of those cyber-scams….I usually throw this kind of emails to my spam folder, however – for no special reason – I opened it and read – there you go the “super trying hard content” to convince a person to have been won a huge amount…..feel sorry for these people who do not know anything but to swindle???….on the other hand, I thank them, they brought me to your website……..would love to follow your future postings……

      • Hi Tvaraj…I would definitely follow your posts….I have not done this kind of blogging or following posts ever – however, I find it interesting plus the fact that am gaining more friends outside my country……and thank you for accepting me in your network.

    • Noshin,

      Please keep these guys at bay. Do not contact anyone in this regard.

      Also, warn your friends and family members no to fall this scam or the newly cropped up “Microsoft® 2012 Online Promotion” scam or any other similar scams.

  101. Hi I have written an email I received from Ontario win you $ 800,000, but did not know whether it is true or not please help me

    • Hello Noshin,

      Did you read my post from top to bottom and the comments below it? If you had read it with a clear mind, you should by now know that the Email received by you is the first part of a S C A M. It is a bait cast out for innocent guys like you to nibble. If you happen to bite the bait, then eventually you will end up losing your hard-earned money.

      Send the EMAIL to your spam folder immediately and forget about it and also if any of your friends get a similar email then warn them of the danger.

      If you contact them, you might be asked to pay money, up front for fees or taxes in order to release your “win.”

      A similar scam is now on the internet. Read my post titled “Beware of this Scam: Microsoft® 2012 Online Promotion” (http://tvaraj.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/beware-of-this-scam-microsoft-2012-online-promotion/).

  102. sho ,Im from South Africa and im just thankful i saw all ur comments b4 i did anythng ,how ever tha whole thing does look doggey. . .u know we should reali do something abt catching these con-artist chancers!!
    . .Take care nd stay allert

  103. I’m from Egypt & i have received this mail 3 days ago , i have replied so they sent me bank forum to fill it and send it again , this bank called fnb in south Africa .they didn’t ask for money but All they ask me to do to send them my account no & bank’s name , but i couldn’t send these privacy details … Good that i’m here to read all these comments … thanks and good day everybody :)

  104. I just received the same e-mail which seemed really odd to me. But actually it sounded official. I realized it wasn’t thanks to your article. As a non-native English speaker I actually didn’t notice the awful mistakes (I should have btw). So thanks !

  105. I’m from Austin Texas I got the same email in my Gmail this morning. Called the number to just hear what they could possibly have to say. It “was not a working number”!! It just confirmed my suspicion that it was a scam, then found this website!!

  106. I`m from Serbia and also received this e-mail today. They obviously bombing us with this bullshit all around the world. Thank you for sharing your experience, this is very stupid scam.

  107. I am from Indonesia also received the same email you received today, I think how much money they have to pay for some of the winners, this is not possible. if I or you are stuck with this trick, it is a very serious internet crime. thanks for the reviews were very helpful all who have received this emai

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  109. Oh mon dieu, a Djibouti le 23/10/2012 du matin 11:30 d’abord je faire quand je me suis réveillé à démarrer mon PC vérifier mes e-mails et je trouve cet email ressemble à un grand nombre de fraude à me gagner 800,000 US.

  110. I am from PAkistan and received E MAil from Mrs Monica taylor [Admn.Sec] of Ontario Lottery Corporation congratulating for winning prize.She further directed me to contact Mr Dom Simon who referred me to Mr Innocence Dube of firstnationalb,co za to remit the prize money in my account.Would you please confirm the correctness of the ongoing messages.

    • Ahmad,

      I feel that you have got inveigled into this scam.

      1. Did you ever hear of the Canadian lottery game before?

      2. Are you a citizen of Canada? Do you live in Canada?

      3. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket from OLG?

      4. You received an unsolicited email from a non-existent Mrs. Monica taylor [Admn.Sec] of a truly existing Ontario Lottery Corporation. Did you make a mistake when you typed the name Mrs. Monica taylor with a “t” instead of “T” or was it the way you found it in the email you received?

      5. On reading the email, the urge to gain immense wealth (sorry for saying so) gnawed you for a day two or more.

      6. You unwittingly responded to this phoney email. You contacted the non-existent entity Mr. Dom Simon, who referred you to another imaginary Mr. Innocence Dube. Can you see the two words “innocent” and “dupe” camouflaged in this name?

      If you contact the so-called Mr. Innocence Dube, you might be asked to pay money, up front for fees or taxes in order to release your “win.”

      Did Mr. Dom Simon tell you that you must reply within a stipulated time or the money will be given to someone else?

      Hope you did not divulge your home or office address, phone number, your bank and credit card details yet to these scamsters.

      Thank the Almighty for saving you from falling prey to this scam.

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  112. I’m from California, USA. I’ve received this email today also and am curious of what’s they’re going to do next since the information they’ve asked for would not create foreseeable harms, nuisance maybe. Will keep you guy posted of what happens next.

  113. Oh god it 9/10/2012 Belgium 9:00 morning first thing i do when i woke up start up my PC check my Emails and i find this email looks a lot of fraude to me winning 800.000 US. without doiing a shit. come on in this world it doesnt exist


  114. just recieved the very same email on my gmail-account. I’m a citizen of Denmark, Europe. Googled the title and found this blog. Thanks for the tips!

  115. I live in Honolulu, HI and never in my life I left this rock. I just received an email stating I have won eight hundred thousand dollars. Never purchased a lottery ticket in my life either. This site became useful, thanks to who ever created this. The most lamest scam someone could fall for.

  116. Thanks, I’ve found your thoughts so useful! I received exactly the same letter today, and I was sure this is a scam, it’s just amazing how they can reach you. I’m wondering, what is the next step, when you contact them…

    • Juli,

      Send the letter to your spam folder immediately and forget about it.

      If you contact them, you might be asked to pay money, up front for fees or taxes in order to release your “win.”

  117. It is even spreading to Croatia. I live in Canada and now I am on vacation in Croatia, however, my brother received the email of that nature from OLG. Neither have I ever contacted them, and he even less. So it was picked up from email addresses or who knows how.

  118. its so amazing people could be doin this, i jst received a similar mail, which i became soo surprised of, sumtin has to be done aba dis internet fraud.

    • Brother Yusif:
      Assalam O Alaykum
      From: PAKISTAN
      I have also received similar email as graphic not in text. I am Muslim and lottery is HARAM in our Religion. It should be declared as Internet Crime and should be stopped immediately. Thanks

  119. I received one of these bullshit winning graphics above. If it seems too good to be true then it most certainly is! If you get one I would delete it…The only persons who would fall for something like this have to be seriously desperate. It’s bullshit!!!!!

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