What Do You See?

Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj

Wake up, wake up … Your privacy is compromised.

What Do You See?

A mosquito?

NO! You are absolutely wrong.

On close scrutiny you will notice that this is something else – an “INSECT SPY DRONE”.

This tiny drone can be controlled from a great distance. It is equipped with a camera and microphone. It can land on you, and if needed, use it’s needle to take a DNA sample of you. The priclk, and the subsequent pain will be akin to that of a mosquito bite. Also, it is possible to inject into you, under your skin, a micro RFID tracking device.

It can enter your home by landing on you, attach on to your clothing until you take it inside your home; or it can fly into your home through a window.

This is already in production, funded by the US Government. Now, who is the real enemy?



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4 thoughts on “What Do You See?

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  2. What on Earth makes you buy into this? It would probably pay to build your critical thinking ability.

    I’ve checked all of the so called sources that supposedly prove such devices as manouverably operational and there isn’t a single piece of evidence for that in any of the articles. There’s certainly no evidence that the US govt. has produced any of these, and just because you say so doesn’t count as evidence.


  3. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Boy oh boy. What will our crazy government think of next. Obama is insane with power. Big Brother is “watching you.” Simply Orwellian, the things people think they can get away with. It is an abuse of power and an invasion of privacy. May God help us to fight this evil, with courage.


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