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Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


“Be a Lion in your homeland, spit and shit anywhere you want” aka “Civic sense in India” aka “Heaven is here” – Part 1: My young friend is now back in India after living for 3 years in US.

Yes. Just do it.

Yes. Just do it.

After living and working for three years in US, my young friend Joe is now back in India. The emails he sent me prompted me to write a series of articles titled “Be a Lion in your homeland, spit and shit anywhere you want” aka “Civic sense in India” aka “Heaven is here” .

My article “Better to be a Lion…” posted on March 27, 2012 has been viewed 2,800 times so far. If you haven’t read it then please do so. You will find it interesting.

I received this mail 9 days ago and I have reproduced it here after relieving it of certain personal messages. Here it is.

Dear Uncle Raj,

Greetings from Joe.

At the outset, let me convey the fact that I miss you all. There has never been a day or moment that I felt away from my own family when I was there with you all.

I’ve been trying to have a facetime with you all to see and talk to you folks, but haven’t been much successful. It’s either the internet connection or my pre-occupation with things that need be taken care over here.

Howz Aunty doing?…. you both make a great pair and have always been a great role model for us all. I’ll await to receive you both in Chennai. Please share with Aunty that I’m reminded of her “Achaar” and also let her know that Grills and Kababs are waiting for her in Chennai.

Uncle, Chennai’s heat wasn’t a piece of cake for me. The amount of pollution and dust and especially the nasty fowl pungent odour which I sailed thro‘ in Chennai Central railway station to board Shatabdi to Bengaluru … People are still the same.

Spitting, shitting and littering all around.

No traffic sense, no civic sense, no respect for a fellow-human.

I’m getting boiled going thro‘ all these, however, I’m trying to turn my ears a li’l deaf and my eyes a li’l blind to keep myself off from all these.

I’m unable to read your articles these days, coz scarce internet connectivity. I have an Airtel 3G data card with which I’m writing this email while on the train to Bengaluru.

Hope all is well with you. Keep writing.

Love & Prayers


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